Chess Club: It’s Not Just About Chess


A in use chessboard in Chess Club being held at late lunch in Mr. Colligan’s classroom.

Aleia Haith, Writer

River City High School’s Chess Club takes place Thursdays at early and late lunch, “And this week, Senorita Rodriguez has started offering Wednesday meetings after school as well..” said Mr. Colligan, the advisor of the Late Lunch chess club. “Lots of opportunities to play chess!”
But there are a lot of other things to do in during the time besides eating your lunch and playing chess. Colligan explains that, “Chess Club is a place for kids to drop in and play chess, or any other board/card games. Several students also play with dice.” Those games are, not limited to, include: Liar’s Dice, B.S., Checkers, etc.
Held by Mr. Colligan and Mr. Malec, the club focuses on simply having fun sharpening the mind and playing games of strategy and good sportsmanship. Students and Teachers are allowed to participate and eat their lunch at the same time.
Joseph Johnston, a senior at River City High School, explained, “I’ve been playing chess since I was a little kid, and I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of trying to beat someone better than myself.” However, some students have never played chess before and want to go for the experience.
”I love looking out and seeing all these kids staring intently at boards, obviously thinking very hard about their next move. It’s learning, it’s education… Kids are making mistakes, persevering in the face of failure, getting a sense of accomplishment when they learn something new….” Colligan said.