River City’s Interact Club: Aiding the Community since 2008


Interact Club members pose for a picture after helping with the set up and clean up for the West Sacramento Historical Society event “Psamantics Goes Psycho” on Saturday.

Melina Carlos, Writer

“Interact” is a youth club (usually in local schools) that does an abundance of things in helping the community. The club has many other branches across the country, who are all dedicated in providing service for others.
Every Interact Club executes two service projects a year, one that endorses international understanding and one that aids their school or local community.
Interact Club meets every Monday during both lunches, where they discuss different community service ideas and upcoming events. Sometimes, there are guest speakers, who inform students about different aspects of helping others, whether it’s a big event or just around your neighborhood.
River City’s branch of Interact was founded by Ysabel Catapang in 2008. Since then, they have helped with many communal events. In the past year, they have helped with 11 singular events, some of which they’ve organized themselves.
Their most popular community service act is called “Reading Buddies” a year-round program that takes place in the Yolo County Public Library. It is a weekly event, where students bond with children and read with them, encouraging childhood literacy.
Currently, Interact has begun selling purple bracelets for $1 until the end of the month to spread awareness about polio, a virus that causes paralysis and mainly affects children. About 2 to 5 of 100 people affected, die from the disease. All of the funds raised will go to End Polio Now, an organization on a mission to end polio.
RC’s Interact Club is sponsored by the community’s local Rotary Club, an international service program dedicated to helping others. Rotary’s Youth Exchange program has sent many Interact students across the globe to learn about other cultures, and in exchange, they help a foreign student learn about the place they were sent to.
Sophomore Paige Hua, joined Interact because she thought it was “the most interesting club.” And believes that the events the club helps “are centered around things that would help out the community.”
In agreement with Hua, sophomore Brooke Pasquetti added, “Interact is a club that gets students to participate in many activities. We get to help out and do a lot of things, like reading to children and helping out with bake sales, when other people may not have the time to do so.”
“Interact is a great club that’s all about giving back to the community,” claims Hua.