Court Is in Session!


Gerald O’Connor (front) talking about the court system with members.

Anand Sharma and Daniel Verdadero

Mock Trial had their first meeting this Wednesday October 21, they met in the H-building, room 851 at 3:30
Gerald O’Connor, the mock trial coach, has stated that mock trial has been around for a while, “Mock trial started in 1980, and RCHS was one of the first schools to take part in it…we only had two coaches and I’m the second one.”
He later added, “I have been running this club for 19 years.”He talked about the different skills members will learn, “they learn how to speak without notes, to listen carefully and to form logical arguments based on reason and fact.”
He went over the kind of cases they will cover, “All cases are criminal cases…students always like murder cases, last year it was an art theft, kids didn’t like it as much”
A sophomore, Sarahi Nunez, is new to mock trial, “Yes I’m new, and I joined because I’m interested in law.” She is also in a couple other clubs, “I’m taking Interact, now mock trial, and Red Cross.” She has also stated, “I’m looking forward to covering criminal law.”
She ended it by saying, “I’m excited about learning about how to be in court, and how the court system works.”