New student joins journalism


New student Autumn Wolfe poses for her new picture.

AnnaMaria Corona, Writer

Autumn Wolfe, a senior, joins Mr. Hoerman’s fourth period journalism class in the history building on Friday because of a schedule change.
Journalism is taught by Aland Hoerman a history teacher. He has been teaching journalism for about seven years and counting. Mr. Hoerman has welcomed Wolfe into the class and has showed her what the class has been doing recently.
“ I do think it’s challenging having a student jump in, in the middle of the class but, if they are willing to work I am willing to help them.” Says Mr. Hoerman
Wolfe’s schedule changed because she was taking drivers’ education and after four weeks you have to get your schedule changed. For a while Wolfe did not have a fourth period. She had questions about the class and her motivation was when Mr. Hoerman said that we go out a lot.
“I am interested in interviewing new people and getting to take photos.” Says Wolfe
In journalism you get to get more connected to the school, meet new people, and discover things that you have never thought you would be interested in. You can support the clubs and activities that occur throughout the school year. For example, if there is a game coming up you can go and reconnoiter the atmosphere here at River City.
In conclusion, many kids this second quarter are changing their schedule to transfer to this class, some new kids from different schools either get transferred to this class because they already completed their credits as a senior or because they want to get furthermore connected and learn more about River City High School.