Sewing Her Way In…


Saba Khan, Editor

As she sewed the zipper onto her last piece of clothing, she took a sigh of relief. River City’s junior, Farina Khalil, presented her first spring collection for the ‘Design for Difference’ Fashion show on December 19th, 2015.
Khalil received a $500 scholarship from Design for Difference school which is located on Arden Way. Farina Khalil attended this class every Saturday for 3-4 hours, she would go in for extra hours on Friday’s and Sunday’s. Her aunt, Shabana Buksh introduced her to this program in which, one had to submit an essay in order to receive the scholarship.
“It was a really proud moment for me to see Farina’s collection on the runway. She’s very talented and hardworking. Going from not knowing how to sew at all to sewing a whole collection is a huge thing,” said Buksh.
Khalil’s collection consisted of a futuristic yet subtle color scheme. She presented five pieces (3 looks). The fabrics ranged from holographic to textured and vintage. Farina Khalil has a lot of love for 80’s fashion and added a little touch of it in her collection.
Khalil’s fashion designing teacher and fashion designer, Latiya Gholar said, “I’d like to congratulate Farina for being best in sewing. I gave her a tip and by the end of it, she was sewing as good as I was, I was like hey wait a minute, not only is she a great seamstress, she’s also a perfectionist. She would go back even if it was a little off and also she had way complicated designs like I even had to pull out old patterns and books. We learned a lot together and overcame many challenges and I’d just like to thank her.”
The colors of the looks included, pastel pink, pastel blue, and a futuristic purple with a silky textured white fabric. Khalil was 1 of the 5 people who presented their looks.
“The goal is to keep creating what’s in my head. I’m working on a website for my clothing line right now and planning on going to a fashion school and getting a degree in designing,” stated Khalil.
According to, there is a total of 268 fashion design programs offered nationwide. Farina’s dream school is ‘The New School’ which is a university of arts located in New York City. Many famous alumni’s are, Gigi Hadid, Bradley Cooper, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and many more. The New School offers various fields of interest.
“Okay so when you are driving, you don’t look at the steering wheel and drive, you look at the road ahead of you, I see sewing the same way because before, I would keep my eyes on the needle and it would throw me off but as soon as I found out where to look, everything became straight, ” said Khalil.