Sanitation Situation

Marina Staley, Charline Garlinger, Isabelle Platina, Angelica Zdanevich, and Jessica Castellanos

     High school bathrooms have been proven as some of the most revolting, but River City High School seems to have flipped the script on this stereotype.

     Students at other high schools seem to agree with this statement because their bathrooms don’t exactly fit the description of “clean.”

     For example “There is always something wrong. Whether it be a broken sink, clogged toilets, or no soap,” claims Audrey Sikon, a student at a different High School.

     To surprise many students believe that our school has one of the best facilities.

     Inventory was taken and reported that there were enough supplies when being checked regularly. The janitors did refill the soap dispenser regularly, and in the girls restrooms they provided enough essentials for their menstrual cycle. While at other schools students recognize the lack of supplies provided for their students. Some schools don’t even provide supplies that are required for standard sanitation.

     “We walked into the bathroom and there was no toilet paper, no soap, and no feminine products! I think that the reason that there wasn’t any toilet paper is because it was strung all over the bathroom floor,” saidCharline Garlinger.

     Some schools restrooms just aren’t sanitary. Sport teams at River City High School give some disturbing insight about other campuses. Stating how some were so gross they didn’t even want to be in there. Campuses within the district have Over and over again shown how this is an issue.

     ”Ok so this one time all the girls went into the locker rooms on another campus to get ready for the polo game. When we got in there it was nasty, the worst part is that some girl had gotten period blood all over the wall like how does that even happen ?” said Mayela Diaz

     Other athletes agreed.

     “One time I was in Santa Cruz for the junior Olympics and there was a condom on the floor it was kind of funny,” said Jonathan Miles, a student at River City.

     Compared to other schools, River City High School is always kept up.

     The first thing people think of when there is a problem with the restroom is lack of maintenance on behalf of the janitors, but that isn’t always the case. Janitors at River City High School in West Sacramento gave feedback on the ups and downs of their jobs.

     They don’t particularly like all the work they are assigned but they do enjoy the pay they receive. Some of the things they don’t like is that they have to come really early and leave late because of their nonstop cleaning. They feel greatly disrespected when they finally finish cleaning to come back to the same facility not too long later, and see wet towels on the ceiling and toilet paper everywhere.

     “We don’t really get recognition for what we do by the students or the teachers,” stated Ed, one of River City High School’s janitors.

     Some students start kind conversations with the janitors while they clean, other students take advantage of the “not too perfect English speaking” janitors by saying rude things or sometimes even throwing things at them.

     Many students leave their food scattered all over the tables, which they must work extra hard to get completely clean. River City High School’s custodians claimed to deal with these disadvantages due to their love for working with kids constantly around them and the few teachers that make sure they know they are greatly appreciated. A custodian at River City High School, even compared the janitorial services of River City High School to Yolo High School, also located in West Sacramento.

     “We have the same amount of janitors as Yolo but they have only about 100 students to tend to and we have over 2,000. They also only have about six tables to clean while we have 36.”

     Many students and teachers found this information to be surprising and unfair. This particular janitor also explained how the janitors aren’t given the cleaning supplies,

     “We purchase our own supplies with our own money.”

     There was an interview with Tim Zdanevich a student at Bridgeway Island K-8 school. During the interview the student explained how the sanitation is at his school and what is causing it to be that way. In the end it seemed as if the problem was the same at every school in the district, because everyone describes the bathrooms very poorly and blame anyone but themselves.

     Zdanevich said, “The custodian cleans every day after school.”

     So if the custodian cleans every day then the problem isn’t in the school or the district having a low budget, but it’s the students causing it to be that way.

    The student was asked what would he do to solve this problem?

     He responded with “I would probably have the custodian some in to do a deep clean once a week instead of just fixing and cleaning the small things. Also encourage the students to not make the bathrooms so dirty.“

     Alena Hinijosa, a freshman at River City High School, was asked a series of questions regarding her opinion of the restrooms. First she was asked: How the school can keep the bathroom more sanitary?

     She responded with “They can clean the bathroom every day, and people should learn how to wash their hands after using the bathroom.”

     Hinijosa believes it is the students fault that the bathrooms are disgusting people need to stop complaining when usually it is their fault.

     Alenas opinion on supplies was “Yes but there are no toilet seat covers ever which is really annoying. And sometimes they are out of soap but usually it is restocked by the next day.”

     Last question for Alena was if she thought the bathrooms were so unsanitary that diseases could be spread by using the toilets. Her response was “Definitely yes because girls do not wash their hands, or they leave their women essentials just lying around.”

     One girl classmate brought up the dispensers for their menstrual cycle does work and comes in handy when needed.

     A Interview with a senior who said “Throughout the years I have been at River City High School I had no issues with the soap dispensers or the trash cans.”

    This might show that the cleanliness might be also a reason why many students do actually use the bathroom. Also many students do like trusting the bathroom because they believe the bathrooms are good because they feel like it is sanitary.

     Students at River City High School always manage to complain about how they think the bathrooms are gross. They must not realize that they don’t have much to complain about. So hopefully now they realize how lucky they really are.  This school is clean and always kept up on. “I walked in and it was weird not to see any toilet paper on the floor or ceiling. There was soap and plenty of feminine products to use which was helpful,” said a student visitor from another school.

     All these nasty things about the bathroom and the gross stories you might hear about River City High School don’t compare to other High Schools. River City High School’s bathrooms are definitely not perfect but neither are people. Everyone always has something to complain about that’s just the world we live in. But River City High School students should appreciate the bathrooms for being good enough. Good enough is still good.