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Dancer Taking The Stage

What it takes to be a dancer

Jessica Garcia and her partner practice to perfect their number. “It takes time to create the moves and position everyone must be in. We try to keep our dance as simple as possible so that we can all stay on the same page,” said Garcia.

It takes a lot to learn new moves and understand the way a dance works. With hard work and determination anything can be accomplished. In Mrs. Adams dance class this is very apparent as all the students in her class work hard to create art and show off their skills. The class works hard, as dance requires both skill and coordination. What may look like a mess in the beginning can turn into something amazing with time and effort put forth by the students. Mrs. Adams takes the time and effort to teach her class everything they need to know to dance and she works them to the bone until their numbers are perfect. Both student and teacher are connected in this class and you can see how much fun these students are having.

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