So Close Yet So Far

Excitement and Happiness hovers the room when Weatherly joins the vocalist Gabby Baba to sing “So close yet so far.” The glow and smile on their face displays their determination and intense happiness

Breana Booher and Anand Sharma


“So close yet so far,” was written by Gabriella Baba and composed by William Chan. It is a song dedicated to Dillon Weatherly, who  took his own life last summer due to depression. This song uses trumpets, piano and many other instruments. This incident was really shocking and unexpected for Dillon’s friends and his mother, Mrs Weatherly, who is a jazz teacher at River City High School.

This song was written to revive memories and bonds that students had shared with Weatherly. Freshman Charline Garlinger stated, “This song means alot to me because it’s not only a song, it’s a dedication to Dillon.”

Garlinger explained that the song sounds like a conversation between the students and Weatherly. The most significant lyrics according to Garlinger is “I will see you again in my dreams.” “I see Dillon in my dreams,” said Garlinger.

This musical piece has made so many students burst out in tears, Students have described it as a very emotional and a heartbreaking song. There is a look of sadness on the face of musicians while they are playing this song.

Sophomore Zehner Hoffman delivered, “I have met Dillon before, I don’t really know him, however, this song is one of the most meaningful things I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Dillon’s best friend Desmond Barrett stated, “To me this is just another song, it sounds really nice, however, I have cried many times while listening to this song.”

Barrett also shared a story about the three necklaces that he and Dillon bought in San Francisco. He also informed that they bought the necklace to remember their friendship and he explained that he thought it was cool that Weatherly died while wearing the necklace. This mournful dedication has bought lots of people together in the remembrance and recognition of Dillon Weatherly.