PowderPuff Tough

DezRhiannah King, Reporter

   River City High School Leadership works hard to organize events for our school, encourage bringing out the Raider Pride in our students. A recent event that they had done was the powderpuff game that took place on March 31st. Leadership put in a lot of work into creating the game for the school, from decorating the hallways and cafeteria to staying after school for long hours for practices.

    The powder puff game is an original event that takes place at River City every year, the tradition still carries on. The game is powder puff  in particular because it is a fun game that does not require people to have a lot of talent.

     Its an easy game that allows people to have fun without needing to have skill in order to play.

    The total preparation time for the event was about two months, for both planning and making decorations. Students created the shirts made for the players and large posters by hand. There were some banners that were already pre-made but for the most part they had to remake the decorations.    

     In an interview with Bre Brooks, a member and team player on the black team of leadership. Everyone would come to school at six in the morning and put up all of the decorations. The process was smooth and the game in all was “fun to everyone”especially her team since they won in the end. Her group had about an hour of practice in preparation of the game. The score ended up as 36 to 6 and it was just a great way to make memories, and a nice last game for the seniors.

    Prisha Narynan and Cheyenne Miller, the coaches of the boy’s cheerleading team, also contributed to the perfection of the powder puff game. Both ladies are apart of the school’s cheerleading team, With them being the only ones in the class who had experience with cheer, they took the challenge upon themselves. The tryout that was used for the boys was a tryout that they had used from one of their cheerleading tryouts. There were some moves and stunts added onto the routine. The boys who were on the team were all apart of leadership class and three who were outside of the class. Those being Harpreet Padda(grade12), Faizal Khan(grade11), and Domonic Cortez (grade10)were interested and decided to join.

     Organization was not the hardest thing to do, just because there were already things that were pre made and there was time in class to work on things. Another difficult task was trying to get participation from the boys, they “talk a lot” and “didn’t understand that things were really dangerous”. In fact Jaylen Sandoval got hurt on the first day of practice, but luckily it was a minor injury. The practices were for two weeks long and took place during third period, and sometimes were scheduled after school.

     The week of the game the hallways, cafeteria and stairs were all decorated. Leadership was encouraging the students to wear pink and black to get into the spirit and be supportive of the players. Students came to school that week dressed in pink tutus and all black clothing. Students were truly involved and anticipating the event to come.

     The day of the game there was positive energy emitted at school from the students of leadership. Students were decked out in the colors of the team they were rooting for, and the cheerleaders were out wearing their tutus. In the bleachers there were various students who were hyped up from the cheerleader performances and the humorous commentators in the score box.  Reyna Cota, a student who attended the game said that she “had a great time” and thought that the game was “ a good competition” to see. Valerie Visochin was first to score a touchdown for the black team, and the game took on from there. With every catch, throw, and sprint the crowd was cheering for players and being supportive.

     When asking Bre Brooks, a member of the black team, what her mentality of the game was she said “just catch and run”. The game itself went “smooth and fun” and it was a great time to just hang out with friends.

  It was great to see the roles switched for football. Female players and male cheerleaders, the change might have been different to the males. Seeing the boys wear skirts and shaking pom poms with their leg hair and mustaches was very entertaining. Their testosterone is clearly shown yet they had no problem giving their support to the girls, it’s good gender equality.

      During half time leadership was giving away gifts and goodies to those in crowd who were being loud and active. There were times when your palms got sweaty when your opposing team was close to getting a touchdown. It was fairly easy to be engaged in the game, although it was pretty clear who would win by the time the score got above a double digit score gap. But the pink team never gave up, and they fought through until the very end. Mrs.Johnson’s team had great sportsmanship, having fun was the main motive.  In the end the black team won with a score of 36-6. There were girls who played in that game who were great athletes, their extra skills helped their team score.

       Leadership students worked very hard to make the game happen. There was a lot of extra work and effort put into the event. All in all Leadership has done it once again, creating another great high school experience for the raiders.

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