Lost Within the Music

RC flautist on her way to success

Victoria Goloveshkin a flautist stands with a smile beside a music sign after getting a medal for first rating medal at Sacramento State.

As she takes the stage, nervousness fills her. She stands in front of a large audience waiting to play. The eyes staring back at her are anxious for her performance as she raises the shiny silver instrument to her lips.
When she raises the instrument to her mouth her nerves melt away and excitement fills her. Within the first note that she plays, the music on the page consumes her. As the notes float around her, she is able to emphasize every note and tell a complete story that dazzles the audience members.
Victoria Goloveshkin, a junior from River City High School, received a Superior rating at the Solo and Ensemble Festival held at California State University, Sacramento on Saturday, March 4. This rating qualified her for the California Music Educators Association (CMEA) State Solo and Ensemble Festival.
Goloveshkin started playing the flute when she was in middle school. She realized how fun it was to make music together as an ensemble and how important it was to set goals for herself while achieving them in different levels and styles of music.
“To me, playing an instrument is showcasing your emotions through your playing and making yourself get out there and show people who you are as a person through your playing,” said Goloveshkin.
A flute is considered a woodwind instrument, but it does not need a reed to have the sound heard because it is a aerophone. Since this instrument does not use a reed it is much harder to play as this instrument requires a nice and steady air flow. The player blows a steady stream of air over the head joint causing the instrument to vibrate and produce a beautiful flute sound.
This beautiful sound is controlled by the keys on the barrel and if you have a steady enough air stream and can play the instrument right, the player should be able to make music and be able to do so much more with it then just read music on a page.
“ Flute is something that helps me express myself and has helped me shape myself into the person I am today. It has brought many opportunities that changed me for the better,” expressed Goloveshkin.
CMEA State Festival is a gathering put together by a group of professional music educators. At these festivals, students perform music literature of a serious or classical nature and are rated using statewide standards and then are given comments on how should they improve.
There is also a participation fee to get in, for soloist it’s $75 and for each ensemble it’s for $100.To be qualified in this CMEA Solo and Ensemble Festival the judges from the event should give the soloist or small ensemble a superior or 1 rating.
Goloveshkin said, “My greatest accomplishment this season will probably have to be getting a spot in the CMEA honor band and playing alongside amazing high school players from around the Northern California area.”
Beside Goloveshkin is her proud band teacher, Anthony Marvelli, who has been teaching at River City High School since 2010.
“Needless to say, I was extremely proud of her. She has worked really hard and taken private flute lessons. When I heard her last year, she surprised me with her musicality and sound,” said Marvelli.
Goloveshkin always practices at home and during band practice at her school. She practices by warming up, playing time exercises and learn her new musics. For her to play flute fast she would do technical exercises.
Goloveshkin’s flute playing is extremely good, as it not only impresses herself, but also her teacher. Marvelli is very proud of her, as her hard work pays off in how beautiful her flute sound is. She makes the instrument mean something, as she plays her part. The part means something more to her then just notes on a piece of paper as she is continuing to practice and impress herself and the people around her with her skills.
“I feel like I’m progressing a great deal more especially this year since I have been getting many more opportunities to learn and play alongside great players and teachers,” said Goloveshkin.
Every musicians has their own motivation, for Goloveshkin, her motivation are not like the others.
“My greatest motivations to help me harder are probably the internationally acclaimed flutists that exist today they help me set goals to someday potentially achieve their style,” said Goloveshkin.
In class, She is an active listener and is working hard to make sure her skills are right to be in the class. As the flutes and clarinets get most of the melody in the tunes that are played, she has to work hard to not only match the pitch, but be in tune with her colleague and they are playing together to make sure the part is played correctly. One mess by her section and they have to restart until her teacher is pleased.
Goloveshkin said, “My favorite part about playing the flute is looking back at my progress year to year and seeing how much I change each year. It really helps me motivate myself and see how I actually grow.”
Goloveshkin doesn’t treat her flute as an instrument as it is obviously more than that to her. When it comes time to play all of the chattering between her and her friends dies down and she just focuses on her flute and the music on the stand.
“My strengths as a musician is setting goals and achieving them as best as I can. They really help me see who I am as a person. My weaknesses will have to be my procrastination and laziness that occur sometimes when having to practice passages I don’t like in particular,” said Goloveshkin.
For the Northern site of California the next competition will be on May 6th and 7th at Sacramento State University, and if Goloveshkin receives a Superior rating in the State Solo and Ensemble Festival she will have a command performance in the State of California.
A command performance is the highest award given by the judges. In order to get a command performance the judges should rate the performer a Superior (I) or Gold ratings in all categories.
“Getting a Superior rating is not an easy thing to accomplish. The Superior rating from these judges is the highest that they give,” expressed Marvelli.
By Goloveshkin working hard and doing her absolute best, she hopes to earn this rating and be able to go above and beyond in this upcoming competition. This competition is very important to her as she is working hard to make sure she plays her solo well and gets the rating she deserves, she has a great chance in being apart of the State of California soloist.
She is one of the only players in the class that does these types of competitions alone. She works really hard to be able to compete in these and with the massive amount of support she gets from her friends and family she is able to keep going strong.
According to Goloveshkin, playing the flute helps her escape reality and it helps her to focus on improving herself. The flute also brings her great joy in telling stories through music and by entertaining other people.
People see music as an outlet to escape what the world can really be like. Music is not just to be played note for note, but it is meant for the player to make their part there own. No matter if it is a solo or a bass line, musicians make it there own and once they start playing they lose all focus with the world and they just play.
“Music is about different emotions and portraying them all through different songs. Basically like telling a story,” said Goloveshkin.
The stories told are suppose to be beautiful and flow smoothly and making the story be heard and bring out the emotion in not only the musician, but the listener. No matter how little or how big your part is you are suppose to make it your own and let your story be heard.
The story that is told is heard by all and she wants herself to be known. She isn’t just another musician but a story teller. Her part means something and she wants the audience to feel moved.
As she finishes her piece the audience is in awe at the story that was just played for them. The beautiful music that was just heard was not just the music on a piece of paper, but it was much more.
Victoria Goloveshkin lowers her flute as this story resonates with the audience she just played for. Her story was heard and the audiences buzzes to each other about it as she steps off the stage.