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Pushing through Playoffs

A Player's Diary of the RCHS Girls Softball Team March Through Playoffs

Reyna Cota and Jessica Grozav

The girls put in a lot of work and dedication to get how they did. They had practice every day Mon-Fri from 3:45-6pm. We made time for bonding events, we had a team lunch before a couple games, and we even went bowling together and had lots of fun.  Not only did the girls focus on softball but there would be girls who went in before school to work on their academics. There were grade checks every Friday, with the head coach,Kim Ceo. All 13 girls were ready physically and mentally for playoffs.

A team is a group who puts in dedication, commitment and love who
want to achieve the same goal together. The softball team at River City High
School is not just any regular team, it’s a sisterhood. Myself being on the
team I see both, the inside story and the outside story of the team. The team
is stronger and closer this year since I joined last year. Last year the team
was more distant and shy. We have all became more comfortable with each other
and have gained more trust within each other.

The coaches thought it was very important for us players to know
who each other are. We had a couple team bonding events that were very helpful.
We went bowling and to Old Sacramento for fun. Although they had these bonding
times, they had a couple rough times and arguments in the season.

There was a time when all of us were upset with a few girls over
rumors that were not true. Some of the girls got irritated and frustrated with
others. Some of the players noticed that the issues were affecting how we
played together as a team on the field. We had important games coming up that
were tough for us in the pass, so we decided to get together as a team and talk
through the problems.

May 17th-Playoff Game vs. Enoch
The team was very supported by friends and family, it was probably the biggest
crowd they had all year. The team knew it was going to be a good game, pre-game
warmups were good and everything was going well. The girls took the W, and are
continuing forward in the playoffs. Their next game is Friday May 18 against
Pleasant Grove. If they beat Pleasant grove they would only be 2 games away
from the championship game, and the 3rd game being the championship.  

May 23rd-playoff pregame vs Sheldon High School

They are three games away
from winning the championship. If they lose the game today they have a game
today in the loser’s bracket. They would have to play a lot more games to come
back up to the winner’s bracket and to the championship game.

“This game is bigger them the championship game to us because
Sheldon is the number one team right now and if they beat them then were the
best and we will have a name to ourselves,” said Crystal Diaz.

Monday’s practice was really hot and the heat was getting to the
girls. Also the girls were very stressful about the big game and the coaches
noticed it. The coaches brought out some fun. They decided to have a water
balloon fight because of the heat. After all of the balloons were gone they
poured the buckets of water on the coaches.

May 23rd-Playoff game vs. Sheldon
It was a really good game. There was a runner on base and a sacrifice fly went
to right field the runner tagged up and went all the way home to score. The
raiders were up 2-0 in the first inning. Sheldon scored a run their next at bat.
They had a runner at first base and the batter laid down a bunt. The catcher, myself,
grabbed the ball and miss threw it too the second basemen that was covering
first. The right fielder was covering second, so they was no backup. By the
time she ran to get the ball both runners scored. The Raider’s dugout had lots
of energy throughout the whole game. They were not going to give up, we were
fighting to the end. The raiders were getting into the pitcher’s head and
getting her rattled. Unfortunately the raiders were not able to pull through
with situational hitting. Sheldon took the win 4-2.

Being that the raiders lost to Sheldon, they had to play another
game on the 23rd at 7:15 that night against Oakridge High School. River City
played them earlier in the season and beat them 5-0. The raider had a really
good hitting game. At first the game was not looking so good for the raiders
but they did not give up they fought back. The raiders were losing 7-2 in the
third inning. The raiders next at bat was amazing. Bases were loaded with Kayla
Lynch up to bat. Kayla goes yard with a grand slam bringing the score to 7-6.
Amaryssa Medina hits a double, then here comes Reyna Cota hitting a homerun bringing
the score 8-7, Raiders are in the lead. It was at that point all the girls’
bats came alive. The final score of the game was 12-7. Raiders taking home the

“The only way we lose is if we beat ourselves, we are stronger
than we think. Even if we don’t take first this is the closest RC softball has
been in a lot of years.” says junior left fielder Jessica A.

Being that, the Raiders won the second game on Tuesday. They must
play three more games to win it all. There was a 5:00 pm game before the
Raiders played at 7:00pm on Thursday May 25th.The 5:00 game was Tracy High
School vs. Sheldon High School. The loser of that game would have to play in
the 7:00 game against River City. If River City wins they would have to play
two games Friday against the winner of the 5:00 game. The reason they would
play two games against the same team is because it’s double elimination and the
opponent would have 0 losses during playoffs.


May 25th-Playoff Game Vs.Tracy High School

The game was not looking great for the Raiders, but they still had a
lot of spirit and were still fighting to win. The raiders were down with no
runs, Elizabeth Caferro was up to bat with a runner on and hits a homerun. This
home run gives the Raiders more excitement, but sadly it was not enough. The
Raiders took their second loss against Tracy High School, which knocked them
out of playoffs. The final score was 5-2 Tracy.

Overall the River City Softball team had a great year with a
record of 27-7-1. Being a player on the team we had a good time together. There
was lots of fun, funny, awkward, and exciting memories that the girls will not
forget. Throughout the season there was a few bad moments but the team got
through it and became closer.

River City High School finished their league taking second place.
They did better than last year, because they took third last year. They
finished in playoffs taking 3rd place. That is really amazing for how long they

“This is a year I will not forget, I love my girls, and I will
miss them lots,” says Senior Pitcher Amaryssa Medina.

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