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Seniors View On The Hamlet

These are the puppets that were made by Samantha Fry,Luz Hernandez,and Brooklyn Ringor,they are covering the scene with Hamlets step dad and uncle.

These are the puppets that were made by Samantha Fry,Luz Hernandez,and Brooklyn Ringor,they are covering the scene with Hamlets step dad and uncle.

These are the puppets that were made by Samantha Fry,Luz Hernandez,and Brooklyn Ringor,they are covering the scene with Hamlets step dad and uncle.

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          Join Mr.O’Donnell’s 12th grade English Class. They have had lots of fun doing very creative things that most teachers wouldn’t do. As their final project for The Hamlet they are putting on a puppet show.

          The Hamlet is about “the revenge Prince Hamlet is called to wreak upon his uncle, Claudius, by the ghost of Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet. Claudius had murdered his own brother and seized the throne, also marrying his deceased brother’s widow.” So to further his classes knowledge of the play Mr.O’Donnell split up the class into many different groups and they all work on different puppets and scripts based on parts in The Hamlet.

          There was this one group of girls and one boy are doing their puppet show on people in their class they have a puppet of the teacher and students in that class, in that group there is  Prava Narayan,Elizabeth Blake,Nikita Perminov,and Mariah Alves, Prava Narayan says “this is a really cool class, Mr.O’Donnell makes us get up and talk so it gets us out of our comfort zone a little bit.”

          In the next group it is a group of girls only Samantha Fry,Luz Hernandez,and Brooklyn Ringor. There puppet show is going to be a scene where “his step dad and his mom are talking and they are gonna send him away and his uncle named Claudius comes and tells him and Hamlet gets really mad. Then the guy Claudius thinks that he is mad because he has a daughter so they are going to set him up with Claudius’s daughter.”

          I asked Samantha, what she liked about the class and she said “I like how we have to interact with others sometimes and it’s not always work you do alone.”

          In the next group there is Marah Moreno, Lucy Monic, Michael Urtiz, and Dante Ancheta. They are doing there puppet show on Family Guy they will be comparing it to Hamlet to show the Similarities and differences.

          In this next next group it is a group of boys Michael Urits, Angelo Bruce, Isham Benafghoul, Gerardo Rodriguez,and Lakai Taunaholo. Thier puppet show is about the part of Hamlet when he is trying to prove that his stepfather is the murderer of his real dad by presenting a play to see if he has any guilt.

         To relate to that part of Hamlet, they are making puppets of the new movie Sausage Party. In that movie, the food thinks that when the “Gods”(humans) come and take you, they will go to “the great beyond”(the fridge), but they don’t know that they’re going to be eaten. The humans are the murders and the food tries to prove that by attacking and making people aware.

          Doing a puppet show is a really neat idea. It’s a way to learn and still have fun. DezRhianna King says, “If my English class did puppets shows on books that we read I would like it, it’s a different way of learning things and it’s better than reading the book over.” Katie Vellanoweth who teaches English 10 attended the puppet show with her class. Mrs.Vellanoweth says, “I thought it was incredibly fantastic to see students not only bravely perform, but also being so passionate about their work and to see students actually like what they’re doing.” Her favorite play was the one that was done on Kim Kardashian she said, “the students got under the table and they were super interactive they changed puppets so it was like Kim Kardashian all upset and it was super funny, it was really relatable and had every body laughing.”She also says that “I thought the students did really well i could hear everybody and i think that they all did very well at changing their voices when changing characters and it was really fun.”

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