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The Teenage Dream

Marina Staley, Reporter

Syed Ali is a freshman at River City High School, and is a part of many club activities. He plays linebacker on River City’s Junior Varsity football team. He also plays clarinet in jazz band. He is in the ROTC program.

Syed is also the FFA treasurer. He strives for greatness because that’s just his personality. After high school, Syed plans to serve in the Navy then attend UC Berkeley to become a computer technician. Most activities Syed is apart of are for his future. The clubs he is in will set him up for success in his future.

Most students at River City are in extracurricular activities, but how can one join an activity if they don’t know it exists? FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, it is a club that teaches people how to take care of the environment. Such as teaching skills like how to grow crops, how to plant crops, how to care for animals, and the benefits of the outside world.

FFA is a club that gives back to the community by producing organic foods to sell to the community. They also do fundraisers and festivals to spread awareness of food and animals.

FFA was first created in 1917, it was a boys only organization until they started allowing girls in 1969. FFA is a dynamic youth development organization within agricultural education that prepares students for premier leadership, personal growth,and career success.

FFA makes a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Members are very responsible, and must be dressed properly for meeting and events, recite the meetings opening ceremony and end with closing ceremony.

The meetings are very well-organized with specific scripts to be read off of, and members must remember the special motions used in meetings.

In FFA one member is elected to the following positions, president, vice president, advisor, treasurer, sentinel, secretary, reporter, historian, and chaplain. As treasurer of the club, Syed gives permission for spending, plan funding events, know how much money is in account, take/deposit money in FFA spending account.

Instead of just being a member of this community-loved club, Ali also wanted to take on more responsibility and challenge himself more. He wanted to make more of a difference and help out his club more. Ali is an overachiever in every activity he participates in or any organization he is a member of.

River City High School has a program called ROTC which helps students learn and develop leadership skills and prepare for a career as an officer in the U.S. military. This “program” is an actual certified class at River City campus.

Syed took this class because of his plan to enter the Navy after graduating high school. The main reason behind Ali enrolling in ROTC would be when he does enter the Navy he will get paid more since he will be ranked higher. Everything Syed does is to contribute to his better future. Syed has specific wants and needs for his future so as a young teen he will do everything to make sure he gets his perfect future.

Syed was born on October 1, 2001 in Pakistan. He grew up with five other siblings, a mom and a dad, and in a perfect town that welcomed each other.

His family was upper-middle class in Pakistan, because of his social-ranking he could do and get whatever he wanted. His barbie- doll dream house life style was short lived, at the age of seven Syed’s whole family decided it was time to leave.

His family ended up migrating to the United States, Virginia to be exact. Although, Virginia was not the perfect fit for his family so they decided to move to California. Syed cannot remember exactly where they went from Virginia because he was very sad to leave, somehow his family ended up in West Sacramento, California.

Syed has been feeling complete here and all the activities he contributes in makes him enjoy this town even more.

Syed doesn’t want to be the kid that sits in the stadiums and watches people live their life, he wants to play in the game beside them. Ali was accepted onto the Junior Varsity football team at River City. “I was surprised but really happy I made the team. I was surprised because I had never been on an actual football team, and some of the people who didn’t make the team had been on one for like ten years,” stated Syed. Last year, Syed’s first year on the team as a freshman, he played tight-end. This upcoming year he’ll be a sophomore, and last year on Junior Varsity. Ali is contemplating whether to continue his position as tight-end or switching to linebacker. He’s even been trying to bulk up more so he can be a successful linebacker. Syed’s passion is football, he loves football because it’s fun for him and he loves everything about it. He loves practices, the plays, the field, the games, the stadium, and specially the feeling of success he feels as he walks on that field.

As he talked about football he had this sudden change of expression. A change from normal to ecstatic. Syed’s words began getting mushed together due to how fast he was talking about everything that had to do with the game.

The players, the positions, the new players, the players who left, the practices, his improvement, what he needs to work on, how he feels about what will happen next season, and the list will continue forever.

Syed’s strong feelings towards football aren’t just released about his team, he has even stronger feelings about professional teams. His passion for football has been a recurring feeling in his life forever. He plays football to put his time into something fun and something that makes him feel important. As he is with his team on the field, on the bus, in the locker room, or at practice he feels complete.

A new class Syed decided to take on his second semester was Jazz band. The only problem is that he never played an instrument in his life and barely listened to jazz music. The class instructor, Mrs. Weatherly, encouraged him to take the class. Syed has taken interest in learning the clarinet, which isn’t going as smoothly as he thought it would. Although practice makes perfect, he plans to practice all sophomore and hopefully be able to play in concerts in his sophomore year. He plans to be apart of the group for the rest of his high school career.

Some Students just slide right through high school without having any fun adventures. Syed has experienced many amazing adventures that he will remember for the rest of his life. A couple months ago Syed went long with Jazz Band to New Orleans for one week. He got to see the heart of jazz music with many amazing people he has connected with in the class. They played gigs every day at local restaurants or concerts. They also got to walk on Bourbon Street. The memory from that trip will be something he will remember forever as the best trip of his whole life. Syed also went on field trips with FFA and ROTC. Along with being in Jazz band they perform at a new gig very often.

Some students might find all this overwhelming, but for Syed it is his perfect vision. He wants his life to be busy, fun, and spontaneous. All his hard work will pay off soon when he’s living the perfect life he’s been dreaming about. “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today,” said Malcolm X.  

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