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COMPETITIONS: Whatever It Takes

-Whatever it Takes -River City students compete against one another to win Homecoming Royalty

Yvonne Garcia and Aidan Long

          It’s Friday night, at River City High School’s homecoming football game. As the crowd cheers, the 23 candidates for River City royalty walk out onto the field.

          They are confident, as they should be, but yet there is still an obvious tension around them all. They  brace themselves as the results are being announced.

          Drumlines are ringing, the stadium lights are shining, and the Raiders are going crazy. It is the time everyone has been waiting for. The time has come, Raiders sit in suspense waiting for the winners of homecoming royalty to be announced.

          There are 23 students running. Only 8 of them will win their position. Although these contestants feel pretty confident in themselves you can see a pint of nervousness running through their body.

          “I felt pretty confident, but I was still pretty nervous because a majority of the school was sitting right in front of me”, one of the contestants, Hailey Luna said.

          Homecoming is a great and fun high school experience for teenagers. “I think this is a very important high school experience”, sophomore, Kimmy George says.

          Each year for homecoming there is a week or two where students are allowed to nominate themselves or another student to compete against each other for the positions, Freshmen Countess/Count, Sophomore Duchess/Duke, Junior Princess/Prince, and Senior Queen/King.

          Everyone at River City High School has the chance to run for our homecoming Royalty. Students all over the school are given the same equality to go against one another and compete in whichever way they feel is the right way for them to win.

          “The best part of homecoming is watching students compete for royalty. I think it’s cool to see the different ways people promote themselves to win,” sophomore, Haley Melara stated.

          Many students get stuck between who to nominate and vote for, mostly because it’s two of their good friends who are running against each other.

          “Two of my friends are running against each other, and honestly I am just going to vote for whoever I see put more effort into it,” said Darrian Brooks.

          There are also contestants who run against each other who are good friends.

          “I am running against a really good friend of mine, but I most certainly do not think it will affect our friendship,’ Vivienne Flanders,  junior said.

          Flanders says they both just have to carry the same amount of confidence and promote themselves the right ways in order to win.

          This year students have used different strategies to promote themselves. They hung up posters with funny quotes, and some have even bribed other students with goodies.

Running for royalty takes a lot of confidence.

          “ On a scale of 1-10, I would say my confidence runs at an 8,” Antwaan Anderson said.

          This is his first year running, for duke, and he has no doubts he is going to win. He believes as long as he promotes himself and believes in himself he will win. The only tricks he is going to use to win are making posters and telling all his friends and the people he knows to vote.

          Many people who are running have enough support from their friends and people around them. It is good to have people who feel just as confident in you as you do for yourself .

          “I know Jerale Griffin is running for Count, and I think he should be very confident,” said a freshman, Jazmyn Harty. According to Harty, Jerale has a pretty large amount of friends, and she believes they will have his back and vote for him.

          Running for royalty can give many different mixed signals for not only the contestants, but for their friends as well. Some people may run for royalty and it could change the contestants attitudes for the good, or for the bad.

          “Jerale Griffin, who is running for duke, hasn’t changed. His attitude is still the same, and he most definitely doesn’t think he is better than anyone,” Kimmy George says.

          Running for royalty can also be nerve racking, especially if it is your first time. No one is ever prepared to hear that they lost especially if their confidence was high. This could be a very important, or unimportant event to students.

          “It’s important to me because it’s my last year,” our senior Jaylyn Viney says.

          As a senior who had never won before and who is running for their last year he feels pretty confident he will win. Other students are not so concerned with winning.

          “I think it would be cool to win, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I didn’t,” our freshman Hailey Luna quoted.

          As a freshman it may not be that important to win their first time running because they have more opportunities in their high school years to run again. Having more opportunities can give them a fresh start, and a chance to do something better and better each year until they reach their goal to win.

          Any freshmen have an opportunity to run for a spot to be homecoming Count or Countess, and for the ones who do they are excited and confident. But then there is the other side of the spectrum, the primarily freshmen group of students who have not noticed or do not care about the nominations.

          “I never really paid attention to the royalty, nor have I ever thought about running for it,” Katia Voyevoda, a freshman said. Most of the freshman students have not been at River City long enough to care or acknowledge homecoming royalty. They don’t yet have their River City pride, but soon enough later in their high school experience they will.

          Other students believe that you only get 4 years of high school, why wouldn’t you want to make them the best? Running for royalty is a memory to never forget, especially if you win. “I ran my last year of high school. Although I didn’t win, running was definitely worth it,” former graduate from River City High School, Sonia Hernandez says.

          Hernandez was involved with a lot of different activities at River City High School. She was a cheerleader, she was in Mrs. Adams dance classes all 4 years, and she was always a good help around campus whenever someone needed it.

          Hernandez remembers making posters and hanging them up around school, along with telling her friends to make sure they vote for her.

          “It was a high school experience I’ll never forget, especially being able to sit on a nice car and drive down the track where every ones attention is at”.

          That would be an unforgettable strange thing, wouldn’t it? Driving down a track as hundreds of your fellow students watch you. It feels like all their eyes are on you, and it’s a lot of pressure.           It almost makes you feel like you have to win, or else you’re letting down all the people who voted for you.

          Imagine the crowd is going off and you hear your name be announced and you are escorted off of the corvette onto the ground where you stand, there in front of everyone. A smile appears on your face and you wave to the crowd, looking as confident as ever.

          “R-r-r-raiders!!!! Now it’s time to announce the winners of this years 2017 homecoming royalty”,” Mr. Malec says at varsity halftime.

          Can you feel the knot in your stomach? It’s you, you are standing in front of all these people and in the matter of seconds your name could be said after the words, “And this years 2017           homecoming… is… “.  

          You did it! Your head is filled with joy and your ears are filled with screams as soon as your name is read off that microphone. You see your friends jump up and down for you, and suddenly that knot in your stomach has turned into excitement, and relief.

          It is a once in a lifetime experience, but that means everyone is not able to experience this.

          There can only be 1 winner for each spot it is a nice and fun thing to do. River City gives us an opportunity to run again for a second time, or a first time, in the same school year for our winter homecoming.

          “I think having 2 homecoming and another shot at running for royalty is important and a nice thing to do for students,” Holly Beningo says. Having two chances to run is amazing because it gives you a chance to rebuild your self esteem and strive harder than your first time running.

          We give a huge congratulations to our River City 2017 Homecoming Royalty winners for not only winning, but for their braveness and confidence. We also would like to thank the students who were brave enough to nominate themselves, run against others, and most importantly keep a positive attitude towards the winners. Another thank you to the other River City students who took their time to vote. Lastly, we would like to thank our River City leadership class and Teacher, Mrs. Johnson, who help put this together and make this happen.

          Our winners: Countess- Hailey Luna, Count- Jerale Griffin, Dutchess- Madilyn Matamoros, Duke- Armando Jimenez, Princess- Veronica Aros, Prince- Jonathan Hernandez, Queen- Nabeelah Tran, and our King- Arnold Jimenez.

          “It’s a great opportunity for everyone to have a chance to be involved,” said one of our principals, Mrs. Rodriguez.

          Homecoming Royalty is a High School memory, where everyone should at least try to be involved. Whether it is them running, or them voting. It is something no one will ever forget and it brings a lot of fun and joy into our High School years.

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