Be Heard

Jescherie Pascua Arela, Reporter

High school journalists from around the Sacramento area on March 16th at the Sacramento City Hall held a press conference with the Sacramento Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, to answer any questions regarding what schools in Sacramento can do to maintain and create a stronger, safer and more secure environment for students and staff.

“ [One of] the things I really enjoy is talking to young people because I listen, I learn, and then get inspired,” said Mayor Steinberg.

Recently in February, one of the most notorious school shootings in American history occurred. Killing 14 high schoolers and 3 staff employees, with a semi-automatic weapon in Parkland, Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School; Nikolas Cruz is the alleged Parkland shooter.

The Parkland school shooting spread an outbreak of awareness for many high schools, impelling students from all over the country to protest for strict gun laws and a walk out of remembrance for the affected victims and their families at Parkland.

“I have that pleasure and privilege being in Hiram Johnson High School, seeing students, a hundred of students, leave class quietly, with dignity, and great strength to make sure that those in position of authority and power knew that you matter, that your voices matter,” said Mayor Steinberg.

Not only was there an outburst of awareness but some threats were actually performed at many schools after the news of the Parkland shooting.

Of  the many schools that protested a number have experienced lockdowns since the Parkland incident like River City High School and John F. Kennedy High School in the Sacramento area.

Several students from schools in Sacramento asked the mayors opinion on the recent occurence to the lockdown.

One of the questions that was asked was to the Mayor was “ Who’s next, who’s the next person to get shot,” “What’s your thoughts on the kids reaction to all of this?”

Mayor Steinberg responded, “The idea that somebody would walk onto your campus with an AR15 and start shooting is the most horrific reality.”

Mayor Steinberg was also asked about his “ thoughts about teachers having guns?” are.

Mayor Steinberg replied, “I think it’ll be a huge mistake…They’re there to teach, to deal with students who are having trouble and problems. And that is not going to increase the safety.”

After hundreds of schools have come together and voiced their opinions about the matter and demand for a change of school safety, Mayor Steinberg, left a message for all the young people saying:

“ Find a way to organize and get over there and  make sure that the voice of young people is heard… Take your fear into action, continue to organize, continue to rally, continue to insist.”