RCHS Walkout

Everyone had something that they wanted to express.

Daria Dudnyk and Jaden Bracy

On Wednesday, March 14th, 2018 at 10 A.M. hundreds of River City students gathered at the quad for 17 minutes to pay respect to the 17 people recently killed in the Parkland school shooting, in Florida, last Valentines Day.
This event was planned and organized by students even after the Principal Mr. Mojsich attempts to change the student’s minds about attending.
“The Walkout was crucial to remember and to show love for the dead students,” indicated Cassandra Solorzano.
“It was important because I wanted people and the public to know my stance on this issue,” included Prisha Narayan.
River City High School students weren’t the only ones who were affected by this tragedy, this was spreaded throughout the entire country affecting many schools like Italy High School, Charter High School, Marshall County High School, Murphy High School, Lincoln High School and more.
Although the Walkout was to honor the 17 students and staff who were killed but it was also about the gun-control and to have stricter gun laws.
“I think it is ridiculous that it’s harder to get a driver’s license than it is to get a gun. My opinion on gun control is that we don’t need to take away everyone’s guns, but I think that someone should only able to purchase a gun after they have gone through a background check of some sort to make sure that the buyer is mentally stable and isn’t a threat to society,” said Narayan.
This year alone there has already been 17 school shootings in which someone was hurt or killed.
There has already been nine school shootings since the Parkland incident.
On February 24th, just a few days after the Florida shooting, on the campus of Savannah State University, a man, who was not a student at the university, shot and wounded another person who was taken to a hospital where he later died.
Three days later, a person was shot at Mississippi University, police said that person was also not a student and the injuries were not life-threatening.
Karolena Rubio who was in charge of the posters in the Walkout had a few words for us to hear.
“ I was an advocate for this event, the only one who was. I just want to know that I will be the one credited for this happening because this was the result of me talking to the Principal and me spreading the word through the community,” Rubio said.
The leaders Karolena Rubio, Cali Morrow, Cassandra Solorzano, Kamille Singh, and Prisha Narayan were really brave to do this in spite of the Principals disapproval and for getting a lot of the students to support this important event.
“I was very determined once I found out that this was happening. There was no turning back, I was in it and ready. I told all of my friend to join and whoever could, attended,” said Narayan.