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Best Memory of 2017-2018

Andrea Solorzano and Sherlyn Juarez

          Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, students experience some of the best moments of their lives. We’ve covered nine stories from Freshmen through Seniors, each with their own unique narration. Some yet have to discover what the future holds. Students enjoy sharing their memories due to having pride and wanting people to know different things that can happen throughout the years.

          This school year, freshmen were introduced to high school and all the fear that accompanies it. Freshman Jalen Lott-Bracy tried out for the basketball team and says, “It was really fun being able to practice something I enjoy as well as experience it with my friends, although it ended on February 14th, seeing my friends and teammates during passing period brings back memories.” Being on a sport team can bring people together, Lott-Bracy was lucky to have this opportunity to gain friends in something he enjoyed.

          Much like Freshman Evelyn Diaz Solorzano, who stated, “My best memory is when I got to meet a lot of amazing people. I remember meeting them when I had Team Sports. We all got along, no negativity, and no drama. I could never forget this because it was one of the best times in my life, walking past the River City gym always makes me remember how happy we were.”

           Being a Sophomore, they have more stories to tell whether its about sports, friends or academics. Football games being the pride of RCHS, can be a thing to remember for many people. Sophomore Alejandro Rangel Ramirez says,”There are so many to choose from actually, some of them I can’t really talk about. But I guess you can say that my best memory was the last football game of the season because they went against one of the best teams, Inderkum. It was really surprising and exciting and to have my friends Kevin and Ramiro with me made it more enjoyable. Seeing the football field and the players brings back the excitement.”

          Speaking of competition,  Hafifa Sayed, 10th, claims that almost winning the Winter Homecoming Rally against the Seniors was her favorite memory, “My cousin and friends always talk about it, I was so happy and mad at the same time because we could’ve won. But seeing everyone so riled up was monumental!”

          As Juniors move up the line, their main focus it to have fun before entering the world. Junior Macie Whitehead won this years Winter Homecoming in January stating,” I haven’t forgotten it because I was presented with a crown that I wear every night. Looking at my mom reminds me of how great and awesome I felt.”  Memories like this make it worth standing out of your comfort zone.

          But nothing surpasses a memory that’ll help you in the future. Junior Arianna Singh became Senior Class President and being in Leadership. “Being in Leadership gets you out of your comfort zone and lets you be more open, I’m glad I gained a lot of new friends like Alina Gidenko, it was fulfilling to have fun with people I grew close to. If i see Ms. Johnson, I’m sure to remember all the fun I had. ”

          Singh became something she’ll be known for just like Junior Kamari Anderson, who says, “My favorite/best memory at RC this year was the Freshman Orientation, once the Freshmen left and Link Crew had to clean up the quad while it was hot, the grass sprinklers were on…and I ran through because it was hot! But during the time that I was running, a man came by on a cart and yelled at me to get off the grass”. Resne Bazemore (12), Summer Wiseman (12), and most of Link Crew have videos of this but they don’t talk about it. “My friend also did this and fell. The fight this morning reminded me of that. Whenever people talk about the Orientation, they bring me up,” explained Anderson.

          Before they’re pushed into the real world, they’ve got to have some fun right? Senior Kaitlyn Donoghue along with the girls soccer team, won the Girls Soccer Section Title. She says, “We made history for our school, the first team to ever get a D2 banner. Thanks to Coaches Kamal and Ghio, we were able to take a W. This will remain my favorite memory cause’ we worked so hard for a moment of gratification.”

          As for Lilly Stall, the highlight of her year is the Senior March in for Move-Up in May, “This is my best memory because all the seniors and teachers were dressed up and full of spirit. Spirit week was also something to remember as a Senior since it’s my last. It was such a big difference from our first March-in, I’ll never forget when I lost my voice, everyone was very energized and full of spirit. I experienced it with the whole Senior class that I consider a family but some of my friends are Hela A., Naalilah A., Kaitlyn D., Murwa S., Maddy C., Jada l., and Angel S. Walking across Senior Hill reminds me of the March-in, considering it was the best one the Seniors ever had.”

          While the school year come to end, the memories remain. Others move forward whilst others venture off towards their future. Every student will remember high school as a wonderful experience mixed with anxiety and hardships but hey, there’s only a couple more years left. Take a chance and experience what RC has to offer. You might even meet your best friend for life, you never know. Be like these students and open up as the years progress; run through some sprinklers, make history, win a title, try a sport, going to rallys, or even meeting new people. No matter how subtle the memory, it’ll still be important to someone other than you.

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