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How do you feel?

by Ariana Ventress & Yvonne Garcia, reporter

          While sitting in class do you ever notice the different relationships between your peers and teachers? Do you ever wonder why it is easier for most students to get along with their teachers than others? Does “favoritism” ever cross your mind?

          In between different classes several point of views are brought to attention. Some teachers try to have wonderful communication skills with each and everyone of their students.

          “I would say that generally my relationships are pretty good and I think they’re usually pretty honest with me about what is going on in their lives and I think that is pretty helpful. I do think that sometimes it depends on their background story more than mine,” Deborah “Senorita” Rodriguez explains.

          Senorita is a Spanish teacher at River City high school. She is a teacher who makes sure her students always feel supported and welcomed. She offers academic outreach after school and also holds bad day animals in her classroom for students to use.

          River City High School has many of students and teachers who share different backgrounds, which helps shapes the bond of their relationship. Diverse range of students and teachers share a special bond on campus, whether it is good or bad.

          On campus it is important that students should feel the support and respect from their teachers. Teachers should be able to smoothly cooperate and communicate with their students.

          It is a student’s job to make sure they are getting done what they are required to do such as their work, attending school, and bringing a positive attitude. Failing to do so will result in triggering a difficult relationship with their teachers.

          “It is most difficult to support students who does not meet me halfway. It is disappointing when I am trying all I can to help a student and they don’t show up. For example, if a student has missing assignments and I agree to stay after school to help them and they don’t show up, it’s really frustrating,” teacher Irene Monarrez states.

          Mrs.Monarrez is also a Spanish teacher on campus who shares close connections with her students. Monarrez also offers academic outreach and also always tries her hardest to connect herself with her students,

          It is extremely disrespectful to teachers when a student shows lack of responsibility, especially when the teacher is giving their all.

          Having a teacher who supports you only makes it easier for a student to respect and have a good bond with them.

          “My teachers push me to do my hardest even if I don’t like the subject they are teaching. It is easy to tell that they care for me when they do so, which makes me respect them a lot more because they show they do care,” sophomore Xavier Ramirez explains.

          It is not hard to kick off a good relationship with a teacher, vice versa, but sometimes naturally you may get an instant vibe you may not like.

          Having a bad vibe with a teacher can lead you into feeling like you have no support or they just do not care about you. You may feel as if the teacher favors over students over you.

          “I feel supported by the teachers I can get along with easily, some teachers I instantly don’t like or can not connect with them so we may bump heads and it is hard for me to not think that the teacher likes other students more than me,” sophomore Rishal Kumar explains.

          There is so much more to it than just being a teacher and a student. Outside lives are just as important than the lives they portray at school.

          Connecting outside lives with students or teachers can help build a strong bond. It may make it easier for one to understand one another because they are able to understand the struggles that may occur at home.

          “I would say that generally my relationships are pretty good and I think they are usually pretty honest with me about what is going on in their lives and I think that’s pretty helpful. I do think that sometimes it depends on their backgrounds stories more than mine because I try to be honest and I try to be real and I feel like that helps but sometimes that is not enough,” stated Senorita.

          Students may also be interested in their teacher’s after school lives. It pulls a stronger bond together and makes it easy to understand them. This is appropriate because growing up as a teenager could be rough. Knowing that their teacher may have once been through similar situations can be a huge help.

          “The teachers I feel most connected with are teachers who talk about themselves like talking about there likes, dislikes, family, and opinions because their not just teachers they are humans too. They have a life outside of school, so it is better to learn and understand when you know about them,” junior Veronica Aros explains.

          Knowing more about your teacher, or students, can help you understand maybe why they are the way they are.

          Having a background understanding of the teacher or student may make them grow closer. Several students and teachers share similar background stories which can lead to a positive relationship.

          “Getting to know my teachers is a great feeling. Hearing certain teachers talk about their high school experiences is very nice to hear and knowing they once went through the same thing as me at one point,” Aros said.   

          Some students and teachers may have a stronger connection because they can relate to one another or even just have an overall great connection. Numerous of students at River City High School still speak to their previous teachers on their own time.

          “I did not realize I had made positive relationships with my students until the following semester when old students would stop by my room just to say hi or to tell me about their classes or their day,” Mrs. Monarrez said.

          Students care just as much as teachers do. When a student feels that strong connection it is important because that means they and their teacher played their roles correctly.

          High school is a hard milestone to overcome. With the guidance, love and support from teachers can help students achieve the four overwhelming years of their life in high school.

          “For some students a high school diploma will be their highest level of education and for others it will be the stepping stone in pursuit of a degree and a career. Whichever path students decide to take, they need a positive adult figure to be available to answer questions, give them encouragement and reassure them that even though it may be difficult it is not impossible,” Mrs. Monarrez voiced.

          Teachers may feel like they support each and everyone of their students the same. However, in a students perspective it is always going to be a different story.

          “It may seem like relationships with teachers are easy and fun, but they are not really. It’s easy to bump heads with teachers and us students do it a lot. I guess you can say it makes it pretty hard when you can tell a teacher has a favorite student. Favoritism is one thing I do not like, and when I can tell a teacher has a favorite student it changes my perspective on them,” Kumar states.

          Favoritism is something that happens a lot in school, whether it is elementary school, middle school and even high school. It can often get annoying to other students and bother them.

          “I try to treat and support each student equally. I have been accused of being favortists. Some kids might notice I am extra nice to other kids but it’s because the kid listened and went along with things to the point where I can trust them. I might not need to check on them as much as others,” Senorita explains.

          All relationships are different between teachers and students. It’s a you get what you give type of situation.

          Respect is key in life, and without it you may not get your way in certain situations. At the end of the day your teachers are there to help you and respecting them will only make it easier.

          “I respect my teachers because they push me to do my hardest even if I have no motivation. They are there for me and I try to make it easy for them to want to support me,” Ramirez explains.


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