Nervousness Before a Big Event: The Dance Show

Kamari Anderson and Dasha Dudnyk

          Thursday, May 10th, 2018. The anxious students were standing in the hallway chatting, as the helpers were telling them to get quiet as they opened the doors for them to go into the gym. These students have gathered to show everyone what they have be working on for months. As soon as those doors opened, they all heard the crowd cheering.


          The music started, dancers ran on stage, and the show began.


          Seeing so many familiar faces staring back at you while you’re the center of attention can be nerve wrecking, but once you’re on that stage, you have no other option besides having to perform.


          In the beginning of each semester, dance teacher Constance Adams explains to her students that all of them will be performing in front of other students and parents at the end of the year.


          Most freshmen, when they are choosing out their classes six months before they step their foot into high school, have no idea that they are going to be required to have to dance in front of a large audience.


          “I freaked out, I told myself, ‘What did I get myself into?’ My heart literally dropped. I started panicking and shaking,” said senior Giselle Guardado, who has been in dance since freshman year. Students often drop out of dance in the first few weeks of the semester after they find out about the dance show. “In the beginning I was super nervous. I almost wanted to drop out of the class because I was so nervous,” said freshman, Madelynn Brenenstall.


          A big game or any important event always comes with anxiety, there’s no way around it.


          “My biggest fear is that I’ll mess up. I’m scared about that because I don’t want a lot of attention on me if I do,” says Brenenstall.


          “No matter how confident you are, we all get nervous. I’m confident in myself and that we will do great, but we all get those little nervous butterflies before we perform,” added junior, Cali Morrow.


          The dance show week started off with all of the dance classes performing in front of their peers in the gym. That was the first time performing in front of a big crowd for half of the students. Tuesday was the first rehearsal, all of the dancers gathered in the gym to combine all of their hard work. On day three, the students gathered, after school, once again, but this time with costumes. This was the day when everything came together: the dancers, the music, the hair, and the costumes. Thursday, May 10th was the first day of the dance show, it was just like the dress rehearsal but this time there was a crowd. Friday was day two of The Dance Show.


          The Dance Show is an exciting experience for both the students and the audience. The following pictures show the dancers in the moment: