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Seniors Plans After High School

Breana Booher and Jonathan Hernandez

          When you were young, you were taught to stay in school, get good grades and prepare yourself for college. It gets so ingrained in your mind that you think you know exactly what you will be doing your senior year getting ready to leave and move on to college, but the closer you get to that moment the more you realize that things are a lot more different than you expected. You realize that there are things that you did not even think to consider. The cost of living, student debt.


          Cost of textbooks, transportation, balancing jobs with school, and just trying to survive your crazy new independent life. To give you some insight on how to prepare for your senior year as well as after high school, here are a few of River City’s senior students.


          “My plans after high school: I’m enlisted in the US Navy and I’m going to bootcamp on July 10th. I plan to make that a career” says senior Emily Pittman. “I never picked out a dream college because I’ve always wanted to join the military but if I could afford it I would go to the naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland.


          ” When asked if she has any goals Pittman replied, “Everyone has goals. One of mine is to make enough money in my life to the point that if anything happened to me, my kids can be taken care of with what I leave behind and not live the life I had to. My plan freshman year was to join the Marines, I switched branches of the military. My goals will be easy to set, in the military they take care of your family’s health insurance, college tuition, and almost everything you can think of. Thankfully my service to the country can help more than just myself.”


          Pittman then begins talking about her job “I have a job. I’ve worked at McDonalds for a year and a half. I have to quit my job when I leave because I will constantly be moving around the world.”


          When Pittman goes to get her degree, she plans on majoring in either aviation science or political science.


          “I did not receive any scholarships, due to the fact I didn’t try in high school.”


          According to The Mentor about 20 to 50 percent of students enter college as “undecided” and an estimated 75 percent of students change their major at least once before graduation.


          This is not uncommon, many of you people reading this do not know what you are going to do or where your life is heading. Many of you are unsure of how to plan out everything that is going to occur in your life within the upcoming years.


          You are scared and lost, at least you think you are but in reality your destiny lies in your hands. You have heard this way too many times that it just puts you in disbelief and has become redundant.


          It sucks but that is the truth and you are just going to keep on hearing it until you do what you KNOW you can accomplish. Yes it is way easier said than done but once started it can be immensely beneficial to your life.


          Senior Antonio Hernandez says he plans on going to community college and then transferring to a four year college. “My dream college is UCLA because I want a nice change of scenery and want to experience the best education I can,” commented Hernandez.


          His dream is to become an Optometrist. To meet his goals, Hernandez says “I plan to take all necessary classes and work my butt off.”

          Antonio’s main goal at the moment is to graduate high school and live a fulfilling life doing what makes him happy. Hernandez wants to major in biomedical science.


          Many seniors have different kinds goals. For example one person could want to be a forensic specialist and another can want to work as a waiter.

          Ambitions often vary through people’s lives and it can either hurt them or help them, there is no inbetween. That is why you have to know where your life is headed in advance to senior year.

          Without question ambition is the drive to success.


          Pierre Clay says that his plans after high school are “to stay here and save money take online classes for audio engineering then moving to Long Beach for a bit, then life after that.” When asked if he had a job and if he planned to keep it after high school,


          Clay responded “I do have a job now (five guys) and nah I think I’ll make enough to be content I want to be able to travel and two [jobs] just doesn’t seem like that would be ideal but things change so I’ll see.”


          Clay wants to major in audio engineering. “My school might give me one [scholarship] because of financial reasons…”


          Clay claims that his goals freshmen year did not change much other than having to lower some of his standards but his overall goal stayed the same. “I never had a dream college I always thought that was corny it’s not for everyone but I found something that caters to how I want it.”


          After high school, it is essentially your choice what you want to do. If you want to go to a junior college or a four year, or if you don’t want to go to college at all or if you want to serve the country.


          It all comes down to what you want. With that being said, college is such a pressured topic, specifically high school kids and others who want to go to college but can afford it.


          So as school comes to an end, we start a completely new chapter in our life that leads us to the end of our accomplishments, how do you want your ending to be?

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