10 Places You Must Experience This Fall

Sarah Baffico and Taylor Kelly

     As the leaves begin to fall, the season of autumn approaches — a time for friends, family and the holiday season. Sacramento is a place full of hidden gems with a vast amount of locations that offer fall activities for people of all ages. People on campus at River City High School described their favorite things about fall.

     Junior Maykayla Isidro and Assistant Principal Martina.Guerra both agreed that the weather was the best part of fall and the change in clothing. Mrs.Guerra said she enjoys trying different soups at restaurants.

     But fall is more than just about colder weather. Here is a list of fun places to get you ready for the fall season:


  1. Sweet Dozen 916

Hours: Monday to Sunday 5am – 1pm

5207 Madison Ave Suite E, Sacramento, CA 95841


You must experience… the pumpkin donut.

     Sweet Dozen 916 is a small, welcoming shop that goes unnoticed. As a special fall treat, their pumpkin donuts are a big hit. The first bite into the donut makes your mind think of a homemade pumpkin pie. The moisture of the donut practically makes it melt in your mouth. You’ll try to savor every bite of this sweet treat.


  1. Perry’s Pumpkin Farm

Hours: Monday to Sunday 9am – 6pm

3101 El Centro Rd, Sacramento, CA 95833

You must experience… the hay bale maze.

     Perry’s Pumpkin Farm isn’t like your traditional pumpkin patch. Along with the amazing corn maze, Perry’s also has a huge selection of fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. They also sell different fall decorations such as corn stalks and hay bales. During October when the farm gets more popular, they have a have a hay bale maze you can try to find your way out of and a hay ride. Enjoy a drive to Natomas and experience the fun Perry’s offers.


  1. Bobby Dazzler’s  Pumpkin Patch

Hours: Monday to Friday 12 – 7pm; Saturday to Sunday 10am – 7pm

Co Rd 99D, Woodland, CA 95695


You must experience… the unique pumpkins.

     Bobby Dazzler’s Pumpkin Patch is definitely a unique place that is worth the visit. Located on the outskirts of Davis, Bobby Dazzler’s has the most extreme pumpkins with different sizes, shapes and colors. Their pumpkins range from a big round orange pumpkin, to a white gargoyle pumpkin. When visiting, be sure to check out their corn maze and the cow train. This pumpkin patch is fun for all ages and makes for the perfect trip during the fall season.


  1. Rick’s Dessert Diner

Hours: Monday 10am – 11pm; Tuesday to Thursday 10am – 12am; Friday to Saturday 10am – 1am; Sunday 12 – 11pm

2401 J St, Sacramento, CA 95816


You must experience… the pumpkin cheesecake.

     Rick’s Dessert Diner will fill all of your fall sweet tooth cravings. The 1950’s atmosphere is super fun and an experience you won’t want to miss out on. One of their special fall desserts they offer is the Pumpkin Cheesecake which tastes exactly like pumpkin pie and it is topped with a delightful whipped cream that melts in your mouth. Another dessert that tends to be popular is the Pumpkin Spice Cake. Although the frosting was extremely sweet, the cake itself was delicious and addictive. There are other fall offerings like a pumpkin bar, that we did not try, but based on the other flavorful desserts it can be assumed it tastes equally great. Overall, Rick’s Dessert Diner was a success.


  1. Love and Macarons

Hours: Midtown Farmers Market, every other Saturday, 8am – 1pm

20th street between J & K Sacramento, CA 95811


You must experience… the pumpkin spice latte macaron.

     The sweet creamy consistency of the pumpkin spice latte macaron perfectly resembles the classic latte from Starbucks. As you take a bite into the cookie, you feel as if you’re eating fall. The cookie melts in your mouth and fills you with delicacy. Based out of Elk Grove, the owner, Tiffany, also does pop up events and takes pre-orders for personal events.Love and Macarons is open every other Saturday in downtown Sacramento, at the farmers market between J and K street. Enjoy the scenic area with a sweet treat.


  1. Oblivion Comics and Coffee

Hours: Monday to Wednesday 8am – 7pm; Thursday 8am – 8:30pm; Friday to Sunday 8am – 7pm

1020 11th St, Sacramento, CA 95814


You must experience… the Pumpkin King latte.

     The first step into Oblivion Comics and Coffee is a recreation of your childhood. The trendy coffee shop has an atmosphere like no other. The unique use of childhood comic book decor brings a feeling of nostalgia while you enjoy a cup of magnificent coffee. The fall coffee that’s a hit is “the Pumpkin King Latte,” cashier Neil told us. He described it as a pumpkin spice latte with milk and pumpkin spice created with a spooky foam face to get into the Halloween spirit. What’s better than comics and coffee?


4.Noah’s New York Bagels

Hours: Monday to Friday 5am – 4pm; Saturday 6am – 3pm; Sunday 6:30am – 3pm

1901 J St ste b, Sacramento, CA 95811


You must experience… the pumpkin muffin.

     A pumpkin bagel with pumpkin cream cheese doesn’t normally come to mind when people think of fall foods but the cashier, David, at Noah’s New York Bagel says that it’s his favorite item from the fall menu. Noah’s New York Bagels has a welcoming, home like atmosphere which draws you in. The pumpkin muffins they serve are light and fluffy and have the perfect amount of spice making you want to keep eating the muffin. Along with the muffin and bagel, the bakery offers a pumpkin walnut crunch bagel. Noah’s New York Bagels won’t disappoint.


  1. Bastiao Farms

     Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am – 7pm

     3845 El Centro Rd, Sacramento, CA 95834


You must experience… the haunted train ride.

     Bastiao Farms turns into Goblin Gardens pumpkin patch during the fall season. The multiple activities they offer is destined to give you a great day of excitement. Bastiao has face painting, pony rides, and a giant inflatable slide. If you want to get into the Halloween spirit, check out their haunted train rides and haunted barn. There’s a hay bale maze to try to find your way out and a pumpkin cannon. The list goes on but one thing is, a day there is well spent.


  1. The Popcorn Store

     Hours: Monday to Saturday 11am – 8pm; Sunday 12pm – 5pm

     9679 E Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove, CA 95624


You must experience… the Pumpkin Spice popcorn.

     As you walk into The Popcorn Store, you are automatically greeted by the cashier, Shelby. She welcomes you with a smile as you inhale the scent of fresh popcorn. The variety of flavors vary but their fall flavors are available September through November. Shelby told us that her favorite flavor was the pumpkin spice which an old coworker came up with a long time ago. She also informed us that The Popcorn Store has popcorn like no other because, “We get our kernels from a different place and they are a higher quality so we believe the higher quality, the better the popcorn”. We sampled numerous amounts of popcorn from the pumpkin spice, to the red apple, to the pumpkin cupcake. The prices were great and overall a great experience.


  1. Dave’s Pumpkin Patch

     Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10am – 7pm; Friday to Saturday 10am – 9pm

     3010 Burrows Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691


You must experience… the haunted house.

     As children, we looked forward to visiting Dave’s Pumpkin Patch every year and spending time with our friends and family. The sentimental attachment we hold to the pumpkin patch is a reason it is such a spectacular place. The enormous pumpkin patch is one of the most memorable activities for some because of how many years they have been attending the pumpkin patch.

     We asked student, Bella Vierra to tell us about her experience being the daughter of the owner of Dave’s Pumpkin patch.

     Ms.Vierra told us, “The best thing about Dave’s Pumpkin Patch would have to be all the friendly faces that you see. I think because it’s a smaller one [pumpkin patch] that it has a certain intimacy that other places don’t. I can guarantee that when you show up, you are bound to see someone you know or even make new friends.

     “It is different from others because not many other places that I know of provide movie night every Friday for children to come out and enjoy and also an open bar for the parents to enjoy as well.

     “The best food to try in my opinion is definitely any one of our farm to fork items. Every once in a while, we serve specialty items on the menu that include fresh veggies that we grow personally and they really are amazing.

     “The best activity to enjoy would honestly have to be going into the pumpkin field with your friends or family and picking out a pumpkin. I know it sounds cliche, but there is a certain tradition to it that means a lot to people.”

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