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The Ups and Downs Of Hoco Proposals

Kadija Rhuma, Zoe Vergara

     September 7th was just a regular day for freshman, Natalie Yamada, catching up with friends during passing period. Sophomore, Lee Jensen-Brizuela tapped on her shoulder from behind and surprised her with the poster, asking the big question, “Will you go to homecoming with me?”

     High school students deal with many stressful things, like finals, midterms, and balancing a social life, but one thing all students feel is the stress of getting asked to homecoming. Whether you are asked or not asked, accepted or rejected, homecoming is a memory that you will remember for the rest of your life.

     “[The Proposal] made me feel really special to see that he had gone out of his way just to ask me. I’m sure he put a lot of work into the whole process,” Natalie Yamada, freshman, shared on her experience of being asked to homecoming.

     Being asked to homecoming with a poster is something many girls dream about when they get to high school.

     “I had an idea I was being asked by Lee, but I had no clue when or where so it was still very much a surprise,” Yamada said.

     Students who ask their dates to homecoming can get extremely creative. In this case, Yamada’s date, went all out with a poster, a stuffed animal, and roses. (Pictured)

     Asking someone to homecoming can feel extremely nerve racking and anxious.

     “The poster was so cute. They were both smiling and it couldn’t have gone better,” Maxine Fermin, a witness of the proposal shared.

     With the homecoming proposal being a success, Yamada and Jensen-Brizuela looked forward to the actual night of homecoming.

     “Homecoming itself wasn’t really for me. All the sweaty dancing, people stepping on your toes and screaming in your ear. I didn’t really waste time trying to create the whole stereotypical homecoming night. Instead, I spent the night in the photo booth with my date laughing and talking all night long and I couldn’t have asked for anything better of a homecoming dance,” Yamada said, with a smile on her face.

     It was an extremely memorable night, not only for Yamada, but for many people who attended.

     “He is the reason that I will remember that night for the rest of my life,” Yamada said.

     Even though people had amazing nights like Yamada’s, other people had a memorable night, in ways that were not so amazing.

     The person you ask can say yes or no. It can be soul crushing waiting for the person you asked to give you an answer. Being rejected is something that sticks with you, the embarrassment and the disappointment. Many excuses can be made when answering someone’s homecoming proposal. Rejection hurts, no matter in what way it’s in.

     ¨I felt really bad, but I don’t regret my decision. My best friend said he was going to ask. I told my best friend to tell him I said no and I told him I was going with friends,¨ anonymous stated, nervous laughter filling their voice.

     Homecoming proposals can end in success or failure. Either way, homecoming is a night that students will remember forever, no matter who they ended up going with.

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