The Biggest Dance Of Freshman Year Preparations

LaRae Washington, Reporter

     The first dance of the year, homecoming. The students that chose to be engaged in high school experience were ready to have the time of their lives, well, for one night at least. There was a lot of preparing that needed to be done, but the one that had the most on her plate was Mrs. Ostanick.

     The woman behind this magnificent night is Sarah Ostanick. She is the leadership teacher at River City High school, which means she is in charge of basically any school functions or takes a pretty huge part in.

     “Planning homecoming is hard and lots of work. I don’t mind it though I actually enjoy it. It gives me time to go shopping for things I need and things my students need as well,” Mrs. Ostanick said as she looks at her computer and starts typing.

     Imagine being in charge of not only homecoming but spirit weeks, rally’s, homecoming games, and prom. Ostanick doesn’t just write everything down on a piece of paper and make it magically appear. She has to suit not only the students needs but staff at the school as well.

     Outsiders see homecoming as a time to get dressed up and have fun with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends you name it, but Johnson was the hardest working woman from eight to eleven o’clock that Saturday night.

     She had to schedule staff to be in charge of handling the lines, taking tickets as students rushed and pushed through the doors of the gym where teenagers sang at the top of their voices jumping up and down to the beat of the music blasting through the speakers.

     Even when the preparations didn’t go as planned made Ostanick sure to get it fixed as soon as possible, like when the lights weren’t going off like they do every single day but of course in Ostanicks favor they weren’t working. She rushed over to solve the quick complication so the teenagers could get started on their worry free night filled with laughs and enjoyment.

     Students like Nicholas Gallegos, an enrolled Freshman student at River City High School, didn’t have to do much to prepare for the dance, as compared Mrs. Ostanick.

     Being a freshman can be a whole new world to take on especially when all you want to do is fit in and by doing that they usually “play it cool”. Gallegos is one of many students that showed interest in his first high school dance but not the way most students do.

     Gallegos explained, “I don’t have to prepare. It’s just another dance where i’m going to sit in a corner on my phone and not speak to anyone. I’m just going to wear a jacket and pants like I do everyday.”

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