Emotional Expression

Misael Hernandez shows himself through the art of dance.

Divyani Narayan, Reporter

     People portray themselves to the world through the activities they participate in and the hobbies they do. Expressing themselves can be difficult and can take some time to get used to, but knowing who you truly are can help quite a bit with it.

Showing himself through dance, Freshman Misael Hernandez is letting others know who he is and what others think of him.


     Self Expression is a good or bad thing just depending on what people’s opinions are on it. Self expression usually is a good thing but if one isn’t sure it may be confusing.


     “Self expression to me is a good thing, it lets people around you to get to know you better and show what you are like overall as a person not expressing yourself out there is like asking a random person what’s your personality and it also gives you warning if a person is good or bad, that’s my opinion,” says Hernandez.


     Some people can’t present themself because either they don’t know themself well enough or they are too afraid to try.


     When Hernandez was asked how he felt about people not expressing themself he replied with,“Well I can’t control whether or not people express themselves. I feel that people should express themselves but it’s their choice and people express it different ways and we will just have to adapt to it. My general opinion is you should express yourself, it’s the main way people will understand you as a person.”  


     Some people such as other peers, therapists, etc can help people find themself and not be so lost in what other people want them to be. If he was to say what they needed in order to present themself best as possible it would be, that they needed emotional support. Hernandez had also said, “That was the biggest thing that helped me. Support from friends and family is the best way to help them.”


     People think that Hernandez is really outgoing and fun, specifically his friend Jordan Hicks.


     “Honestly I kind of wish I had as much confidence that he has at times. He doesn’t seem afraid to talk to new people and can make friends pretty quickly when he wants to. I feel awkward with almost every conversation I have with someone but he immediately seems ok with it,” Hicks shared.


     Some could imply that Hernandez has always been outgoing but he said, “No I’ve never always been like this.” Someone like Hernandez who’s as confident and outgoing would make others think that they have been like that all of their life but in this case there’s someone else who sparked the confidence in Hernandez.


     Hernandez explained, “My mother, she taught me that confidence is key if you’re not confident with yourself in life then you will never get anywhere and it’s helped me with lots of things.”


     Other peers can also give good advice about how to display yourself. Hernandez was asked what advice he would give to someone who doesn’t know how to express themself.


     “Kings, they aren’t afraid to fall because failure is a stepping stone to success, be the king or queen you are meant to be,” quoted Hernandez.


     This quote is a very important quote and everybody should at least know about it. When Hicks was asked what she thought about the quote itself, and if it coordinated with Hernandez well, she explained,“The quote seems like something you’d see on an inspirational poster but isn’t as cheesy as the posters, if that makes any sense. It’s actually inspirational and people may take it to heart. I think it fits Misael because he always tries his best and isn’t really afraid to fail because he sees it as an opportunity to get better.”


     Instead of hiding who someone really is, they should be proud of who they are and live up to it.


     “Well there is no tutorial on how to express yourself, I think they should find a way that they can express themselves. Like me, I can’t express myself vocally but I can express it in the actions I do. They should express themselves in any way they can. There are many ways to express yourself than talking or actions,” said Hernandez.  



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