Self Expression-What, Why, and How

A teacher and a student express their views on self expression.

Rohman Singh, Reporter

     Self Expression. When this phrase is spoken people think of many things. They can be things such as clothes, music, and even emotions.

     These things can include students running around and yelling. Another can be groups of kids who dress the way they want and say what they want. Adding on, there can be students that do their work in the library or just outside at the tables. Along with students, teachers also show self expression, and people can tell  from their classrooms.

     “I think it’s about being comfortable with who you are and having that confidence of not worrying about what anything else is going to think,” says Alia Saad, a Science teacher at River City High School.

     Getsemani Castro, a ninth grader at River City High School, shares her views on this topic. “I don’t really express myself that much because I already know people are you going to make fun of me and judge me.”

     Everyone has their own definition of self expression.

     “So wear what you want to wear, do what makes you happy, especially when it comes to activities. I know certain activities are more popular than others, some are accepted more for women and some are more accepted for men, so I feel like if there is something you enjoy, an instrument you like to play, or a sport you like to do, just do it, don’t even worry what other people think.” Saad suggests.

     There are many ways to show self expression, and Saad shows it by her actions and decisions she makes in her own life

     “I show it in my fashion choices, the clothes that I wear.I also show it in the way I treat people, I show it in my sense of humor, so personality, clothes… and hobbies. I continue to do the stuff I like to do, despite what anyone thinks.”

     Castro adds on about how she shows it, “A bit with my emotions, and a bit with my clothes.”

     It is also important to notice and understand how students are feeling and how they show self expression.

     “For students, I think this is a really tricky time, cause I can tell when certain students are happy doing what they are doing, and then they change their actions, so for my students I would love to not see them change, I want to see them comfortable with their jokes, I want to see them comfortable in their clothes, I want to see them comfortable with their friends,” Saad implies.

     “With their attitude.” This is what Castro thinks when it comes to students showing self expression.

     Showing self expression can be successful or, it can be not so successful. Saad talks about both views.

     “I feel like I show it successfully almost everyday in my classroom because I feel comfortable as a teacher, however, it might not be as successful with certain family members, especially elders. My opinion is totally different, but because someone is older than you, you’re just like ‘I’m gonna let it go,’ so I have respect for my elders, and especially when it comes to politics, I won’t express my political views if it’s is going to disrespect somebody older than me in my family.”

     Finding your definition of self expression is just the beginning of finding your place or purpose in the world.

     “When you’re comfortable with it you feel good, you feel like you finally found your spot, you just have so much more confidence and so much more fun,” Saad adds.

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