Chains of Meaning

AnnaMaria Corona, Editor

     There’s always that one piece of jewelry that has always stuck by your side or that will always be remembered. There’s an infinite amount of reasons and explanations of what it means to that owner. Ranging from a way to express looks to expressing feelings.

     “[It] reminds me that I flipped a new leaf and how I’m not trying to go back to my old ways” stated sophomore, Marcus Rojas. He doesn’t wear his gold cross to stay in style, he chooses to wear this as a learning lesson. He added that he went through a rough year last year and his mom gave him the cross as a present after he was baptized. He wears it all the time to feel connected to his parents that currently live in a different state. When asked what word would you describe this piece Rojas replied, “belief.”

     These unique pieces of jewelry all have different stories but all are relate able like Senior, Randy Rogers. He received his gold cross from his dad on his 15th birthday. His meaning for wearing his gold cross is in remembrance of his father. He explained that “he wasn’t really there in my life but it just shows that he helps, he’s trying.”

     In comparison of Rojas one word definition of his cross, belief, they both believe that they can have a brighter and more positive future with the ones they received the necklaces from.

     On the other hand, there are different people that don’t have a background story, they simply like the look of it on their body. “It’s something that I worked hard for to pay for it so i’m going to show it off,” replied senior, Andrew Gully. He purchased his gold cross himself with his own hard earned money.

     Gully explained he doesn’t just wear the gold cross to feel cool but because he is religious and wants to keep God nearby. “I have “love God” on the back engraved.”

     Whether you are on Rogers side and agree that jewelry “has a deeper background to it than most people look at it as just a cross.” Or don’t think that you can be emotional attached to a piece of jewelry it is still very important to the owner.