The Final Look Back Before Moving Forward

Students share about the past year as they give background to what lies in the next chapter of their life.


Jonathan Nguyen

Jose Madrid, Senior, smiles as he is ready to dive into the new year.

Adam Gonzalez and Jonathan Nguyen

     The final months of 2018 are here and people are beginning to count down the days for the new year.

     Most people reminisce about how their year went while others forget about it and look forward to the new goals and challenges they will face in the new year.

     At River City, the students in every grade have different approaches to looking back to the past and  moving forward to the future.

     Kylie Onatanian, a freshman at River City High School that plays soccer, says 2018 was filled with many memories both good and bad.

     “My 2018 started pretty good. Eighth grade started out pretty good but I didn’t really like some of my teachers. The work was easy and I was keeping up with my grades”, she explains. ”I was excited and scared to start high school. I was excited because it was new and I was going to see more people I knew. I was scared because it was a bigger school and I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.” A typical opinion from many incoming Freshman.

     The new year for Freshmen gets harder as they have to think about their future and what classes they should take their Sophomore year. Freshmen also have to prepare to take PSATs the following year but for now remain calm and enjoy their Freshman year as it goes by fast.

     Selena Swan, a sophomore at River City High School that does cheerleading, talks about her accomplishments with cheerleading and starting a new work experience. She says, ”This year my main highlights included joining cheer at River City and beginning to work at my taekwondo school…”

     She tried out for the cheer team back in April and met a lot of new people that are now her close friends. She also started a new work experience as an assistant instructor at a taekwondo school.

     Most Sophomores think about the next year as being Juniors, the most important year of highschool. As a Junior, you start to fill out college applications, take SATs, and prepare for Senior year. Junior year is also the most important year because colleges start to look at your grades.

     Adrian Rodriguez, a Junior at River City, explains his struggles in the year and how its been better.

     “It was stressful at first and then it got better during May and all of summer. Right now it’s stressful again but at the same time fun because I get to hang out with my friends a lot.”

     He plays soccer for River City High School and talks about how hard it is trying to balance time for school and sports.

     Rodriguez says, “Sports were fun and at the same time tiring. There was even a time where I did no homework at all and my grades were really bad.”

     Juniors are finally able to start worrying less as they think about Senior year. Their lives start to get easier and they can have fun going to their last school events. They also start to look at what colleges they wish to go to.

     Seniors start a new chapter in their life going to college and choosing between the right and wrongs for their life. They think about what their career is going to be and meet new people during school. One of the biggest things seniors must ponder is adulthood. Seniors must be ready to exist in a world where they’re the boss of themselves have to balance things such as jobs and bills. For some, this process has already begun.

     Jose Madrid, a Senior at River City High school, talks about how his past year went and what he can change in 2019.

     He says, “I can change who I hang out with and watch what I say. I could go out and find new things or challenges to do for myself and pursue something new and or meet someone new.”

     For the new year, he looks forwards to a new chapter in his life which is starting college and meeting new people.

     “I’ve done a lot this past year. I’ve tried to change a lot about myself, but I hope to help a lot of people and do more for myself. I enjoyed what I have done, and I hope to do more and find even more things to enjoy.”

Jonathan Nguyen
Jose Madrid, Senior, smiles as he is ready to dive into the new year.