Reflection Of The Past: Why Is It So Important?

River City students look back and reflect on their past.

Mini-An Nguyen, Reporter

     Our past is typically not thought about as much as our future. Although both are very important aspects of our lives, self reflection of the past can be one of the most important.

     When reflecting on your past, it is what basically makes up your future. Usually, people use their past as a way to get better and improve themselves.

     A lot of people tend to use their past as an excuse to act a certain way or say certain things. What they aren’t aware of is that their present revolving around their past would not be doing anyone justice. When you think about your past too much, you think about how you could’ve done this or that differently.

     Living in the moment is difficult for many. They hold grudges and let their past define them, instead of using their past to change them to become better.

     Vasalisa Nikolaeva, a current freshman at River City High School, shared, “From when I was younger to now, I changed physically and mentally. I learned right from wrong and I learned to make stable decisions on my own. These changes happened because I learned more and I feel like once you get older, you get more experienced and you realize things you didn’t realize when you were younger.” She claims the year in which she changed the most was 2016, her seventh grade year.

     Another freshman, Julie Chand, inputted, “I’ve changed from when I was younger, to now because I know more than I did when I was younger. I have been through a lot of situations that has changed my viewpoints on everything I see from when I was a kid compared to now. As I grew through the years I saw different things, and I learned more about myself and the world around me. This allowed me to see things in a way I never thought iI could.” Chand recalls the years in which she changed the most was from 2017 to 2018. She believes so “because of the people who have entered and exited my life.”

     One thing that definitely is changing this generation is electronics. Cell phones and social media especially are a major reason. With the new technology and inventions, people are able to view an image or video, and want to mimic that style or even action. Social media promotes negative energy such as cyberbullying and violence, but can also be used to promote positivity or businesses and products.

     Nikolaeva declares, “Yes, phones are a reason why people are changing so fast because when you get a phone, there’s literally no limit to it and you can do anything on it. I think people can share more of their opinions through the internet or through social media, and that’s positively, and could also be negative because some people may not know when to shut up.” as herself experienced letting her electronic devices change who she is as a whole.

     In addition to Nikolaeva, Chand agreed and added on, “I do think phones are the reason that people change so fast especially on social media. People have created two lives, one of how they are portrayed online and another on how they act in person. Phones and social media are a way for people to be subtle but still hurt someone.” In other words, people are being ‘two faced’, as some may say.

     Electronics are now the reason why children are getting their childhood taken away from them. Children, as young as six years old, are now asking for phones or ipads/tablets, in place of their typical toys, like the dolls or toy cars that used to be more popular in the early 2000’s.

     As the statement, “It is possible to stay the same and not make any changes as you grow up” was made, Nikolaeva and Chand were here to disagree.

     “I disagree with this statement because it’s not possible to stay the same.” she states. “You mature physically and mentally and you can’t just stay the same that’s not possible.”

     “I do not agree with that statement. No matter what as you grow older you change maybe not because of yourself but people who change it for you. For example a car changes over the time it is driven, because of the other people who cause an accident or even the climate.” Chand exemplified.

     An observation that was noticed was that some students in high school don’t allow themself to change. They don’t allow themselves to try new things and grow up. Many of them expect everything to stay the same and don’t think they need the change. Other people who may also have a say in this would be parents, guardians, or other family members.

     High school definitely is really where you find yourself over the years, but many adults would not let you do this and that, because they ‘want you to be better than they were.’ Adults try to prevent you from being like they were during their teenage years, but this really prevents us from living our lives and having fun during our four years in high school.

     Many times, especially during high school, students do things they wish they didn’t do. However, regrets are a way for us to grow and improve yourself as a person, and also prepare us for the future. The same event may happen again, and what we learned from these regrets would help us expect the unexpected.

     When being asked about regrets, Nikolaeva commented, “I feel like I wish I could have prevented some changes like learning things I didn’t know when I was younger that changed my opinion on everything. I wish I didn’t find out some things that changed me.”

     In addition to Nikolaeva’s thought, Chand wanted to say, “I do not think there are any changes I would have wanted to prevent. The things that have happened to me in the past have shaped me to who I am. The only thing I could think to change was my confidence level from when I was little.” which gave a whole new visual to how this could be looked at.

     No one really regrets anything from the past, some may regret a small error they think they did, but never nothing too prime.

     It’s okay to wish you did something slightly different, but the case should never be regretting something you’ve done in the past. Instead, you should reflect upon it and look for ways to improve yourself in the future, and use your past to learn and do better.