Through the Years

Cali Valentina shares her story on her journey through childhood and into adulthood.

Zoe Vergara, Reporter

     Growing up is something that everyone faces eventually. For senior Cali Valentina, adulthood is just right around the corner.

     “I am just getting my life together and I finally realized my full potential,” Valentina said.

For Valentina, the future is something interesting to look forward to, but it is also fun to look back on the past and all the memories from when she were little.

     “All the dances I went to from fifth to eighth grade in Vacaville,” were Valentina’s most memorable moment from middle school.

     Change is inevitable while growing up and maturing. Everybody goes through it while transitioning from middle to high school, in a good or bad way.

     “Cali has definitely become a more bubbly and confident person since elementary school,” Taylor Lance, Valentina’s younger sister, shared.

     Finishing school is a big accomplishment that has taught her important lessons that will help later on in life.

     “Do not let people take advantage of you, even for the most simplest things,” Valentina said was the most important lesson she learned. “Working hard will pay off in the end, even if it sucks while you are doing it.”

     Growing up is also filled with many regrets, big and small, that have shaped her into the person she is today.

     Valentina expressed, “One regret I have is wanting to grow up so fast.”

     She added that another regret was, “letting people take advantage of me because I was naive.”

     High school is known as “the best years of your life” and finally starting it is a very unforgettable experience.

     “My first memory starting high school is orientation when I met Kyli, who is my bestest friend, soul sister, and the future godmother to my kids,” Valentina exclaimed.

     She stated that her most influential year is “probably senior year even though it is not over. I made so many accomplishments through cheer over the summer and I got a job.”

     Finally reaching the end of high school is an extremely important time that starts off the rest of her life.

     “My plans after high school are to work for a year so I can put myself through college. I will apply to several universities next fall,” Valentina commented.

     “Cali is a very childish person, but I actually noticed she was growing up when Cali and I walked to like five different jobs for her to apply to and I was like ‘She is actually doing responsible adult things right now.’,” Lance added.

     Moving on from her childhood and graduating high school to start life in the “real world” can come with a lot of fears and worries to deal with.

     Valentina said, “My biggest fear after graduating is not being successful in what I do.”

     After making so many accomplishments, people close to Cali have expressed how proud they are of her.

     “I honestly did not think Cali was going to do as well as she is doing right now so I am very proud of her for proving me wrong. Cali is not slacking off and actually has a job. She is working towards getting her stuff together,” Lance shared.

     “I am proud that she got a job and is keeping her grades up,” Amari Duncan, Valentina’s boyfriend, junior at River City said.

     One of the hardest things about growing up is having to eventually move away and leave people, places, and things she loves behind.

     Lance explained, “I will miss living with her, seeing her, and talking to her everyday, but I want her to be successful and make that money so it is all good.”

     “Next year I am going to miss my girl because I am gonna be alone everyday,” Duncan

     “Probably seeing my family because I am so used to being around my mom and my siblings all the time. I am going to have to get used to only seeing them on breaks and it is going to make me so sad,” Valentina added, emotionally, when asked what she was going to miss the most.

     Even though moving on from loved ones is very difficult, it is worth it in the end, when Valentina can live out the future she has been dreaming of.