Students at River City High School Share Emotions Towards Music

Adam Gonzalez, Jonathan Nguyen, Reporter

     Music is listened to daily by many people. It’s a huge part of life and everyone listens to it. Whether you’re happy or sad, music can help you through anything. At River City High School, many students can be seen listening to music through their earphones, headphones, speakers, and more.

     Most of us love and enjoy music but what truly is it? Music is an art form or cultural activity. It can also help people in many ways spiritually and emotionally.

     At River City, there is a diverse taste in music ranging from new age music such as rap and hip-hop all the way to oldies and blues.

     Lilu Montoya, a freshman at River City High School, says music has played a big role on her life. Montoya is also a cheerleader and musician as she is in River City’s marching band. It even helped her cope with a death in the family.

     Montoya has had songs greatly impact her personal life having to do with her family. “Yeah, it’s called I Had a Choice by Sun. It reminds me of my grandpa before he died and a time when my parents split up. I remember that song when my dad would cruise in his old car around downtown and plays oldies because my grandparents would always listen to them.” Moments like these just go to show how big a role just one song can play on someone’s life.

     Brian Tran, a sophomore at River City High School, talks about his favorite music and the memories he makes with it.

     Tran says, “My favorite genre is fusion. Fusion is jazz mixed with rock. Its my favorite because it gives me good vibes. My favorite song is “Lady Brown” by Nujabes because I like the lyrics and meaning of the song.” Songs can be very impactful on one’s life in many ways. Tran adds, “One of the songs that have impacted my life is All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar and SZA. It’s impacted my life because my brother plays it a lot in the car and he’s away right now so it reminds me of him. Another is Careless Whispers by George Michael because it’s a song my mom and I sing together.” Music can be used to make great memories that’ll last a lifetime.

     Leanne Santillan, a sophomore at River City High school, shares that she loves music because of how it sounds.

     Santillan stated, “My favorite genre of music is rap and pop because it has good rhythm and meaning to them. I like to many songs to choose what my favorite song is.” Santillan also says,”I don’t have a song that has personally impacted my life.”

     Aidan Scolastico, a volleyball player at River City High School, also shares his experience with music.

     Scolastico comments, “I listen to rap music. My favorite genre is rap because it’s the most interesting genre to me. My favorite song is “Ok Alright” by Travis Scott. Its my favorite song because it has two parts and both are great.” Scolastico doesn’t have a song that has personally impacted himself as well.

     Students at River City High School use music as a way to express their feelings. For some, it’s an escape of the real world to a place where they feel comfortable and safe. It has a grave effect on ones mood and emotions. When  some students at River City put their headphones in they feel like for a split second, no matter what’s going on around them, for a moment they feel calm collective.

     For some students at River City, music gives a feeling that is unexplainable and world changing.

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