Middle School Transitioning into High School With Relationships

The difference between 8th and 9th grade can make such an impact on people and affect their relationships between one another.

Ashlyn Breen

     Young people thinking about getting into relationships during and before highschool is very likely, when they may like someone and want to be with them. But over time, those relationships might not last, considering that they are still young and learning. Little relationships in middle school may not last until high school, but when they do, it shows how much effort and love they both show and express to each other.


     In high school, new friendships start to form just days after the first day of school. Once students go to their new classes with new people they have never talked to before and then get to know each other, they can become very good friends. This overwhelming amount of new people can startle some in a way. Students are always trying to making sure they will give the right first impression of themselves to everyone. With over 2,000 students on campus, it can be really hard seeing old friends, especially if students do not have the same classes.


     Amora Vongsa and Alex Figueroa are freshmen at River City High School that have been together for almost two years. They got together May 11, 2017.


     “We do not see each other too much anymore and we just got too busy for each other,” Vongsa said. “Being in a relationship now is way different than middle school.”


     Sometimes, these new friendships and bonds can get in the way of other relationships. Most of the time, jealousy is the root of a lot of these problems.


     “People can get in the way of my relationship by hitting on him and always wanting to talk to him even though they know I am his girlfriend,” Vongsa exclaimed.


     Showing affection to each other is a key concept to show how much you love a person for themselves and other individuals. Some examples of this would be holding hands or hugging each other. It’s is a key concept because without the visual affection, it could look as if they are not interested into each other.


     “Many people tend to try to break the trust by saying things, but when you love someone you trust them no matter what or it’s not a relationship,” said Figueroa.


     Trust issues are also a very common reason as to why a lot of young couples, and even old couples, can break up, but most of the time, you can learn to overcome these problems. You should always be able to trust your partner.


     “I can wake up everyday without a worry of her leaving or something happening,” Figueroa shared.


     Vonga and Figueroa sitting together, having lunch. (picture)


     Without trust, you will not have a healthy relationship. Cheating is the second most common reason for relationship failure, according to psychologytoday.com. Withholding affection, attention and lying are also very common reasons on their list.


     “I do see this relationship as  long term because we both make a big effort into this,” Vongsa stated. Vongsa and her boyfriend seem to both put a lot of effort into the relationship, which is really healthy in order to last a long time.


     A lot of adults tend to be not fond of their children dating while they are in middle school or high school because it can interrupt with their learning environment and distract them. Other parents, however, believe that it is a good thing for children to start dating during high school because their social life is also important as well.


     “My parents support me and love to have her over, my mom especially. They relate over many things,” Figueroa pointed out.


     “I know we can last a long time, especially every single thing that came at us we overcame them.” stated Figueroa. In order to have a long lasting relationship, it is good to be true with each other and have faith in eachother.