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Airpods Overrun River City

Airpods Trend

Anthony Castro, Robert Medina, Reporter

     Apple Airpods are growing in popularity and everybody is wanting a pair, especially here at River City. And with this growth brings one big question to the table: why are these things so popular.                                    

     The Apple Airpods are taking the world by storm with it being one of Apple’s best selling items. It’s some people’s highest requested item for Christmas. The Airpods were originally released in December of 2016, but were made more popular in 2018.  At the time of the release the product was only sold online not in stores and took about 2-3 months to come in. Apple estimated about 26-28 million shipments by the end of 2018.

     Airpods are wireless headphones sold by Apple and were announced to be the best selling wireless headphones and Apple’s best selling item in 2018 just over the Iphone X. The Airpods are exactly like the regular Apple Earpods but with no cords, exclusive features, and advanced technology. The product is so popular you could see them at least once or twice a day around . They made the Airpods more faster to get to you by getting them shipped within a week or by getting them at a nearest Apple store.

     “When I lost my first pair I had to go back to Arden and wait for them to restock,” says Alejandro Castro, “I had to wait like a week before that to go.”

     Castro is a ninth grader at River City High who has exquisite taste for expensive items. He is known for always buying the most expensive brands of shoes, clothes, and other newer items.

     “I only wanted the Airpods for the clout, and personally I think that they’re very cheap. I mean I like Airpods but I rather get the Louis Vuitton bluetooth headphones because they are more expensive.” Castro explains.

     The price of Airpods range from 150-170 dollars plus tax. Most people see this as expensive, but people have also bought the Iphone X, which goes for about a thousand dollars, with no problems. Regardless of this fact many people buy just to flex.

     “When I got these I was just thinking about the clout.” says freshman Sebastian Vang about his decision when buying his Airpods.”The day they came in, I immediately posted a picture on Instagram to show my friends that I have a pair.”

     Nowadays the more expensive your clothes or shoes or whatever is the cooler you are as a person. And with these coming at a high price so everyone is amazed with anybody who’s got them. People just like expensive items outstanding features.

     Another fact about the Airpods are proved to be water resistant and sweatproof. You can wear them in the rain and during workouts and they’ll be just fine. The crazy thing is Apple never mentioned when they released the product that they were water resistant or even sweatproof.

     The charging time for the Airpods is quite ridiculous too, with a full charge you can listen to music up to a little over 24 hours or 11 hours of talking time with being a built in microphone to the Airpods. If you have forgotten your Airpods at a store or something, you can track them with the app called “Find Iphone” but the Airpods have to be online for you to track them.

     Although there are many interesting features with Airpods many people, including Castro and Vang, think that there should be a few changes with them and few complaints.

     “I would change the color so they’re not all white and identical, I want more customization options for them though,” Vang says, “sometimes when I’m just on my phone without using the Airpods, they connect automatically which gets annoying at points.”

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