Coming Back from Independent Study

River City kids come back from Independent Study for the new semester.

Juliet Rodriguez and Daisy Rubio

     With the new semester, comes new students from different places, including Independent Studies.

     One student in particular, Rebecca Wells, is welcomed back with open arms. Wells went on independent study because of a broken knee and was on independent study for five months. It was Well’s first time in Independent Study but she did well with her passing with little to no trouble, but like with all things there were some hardships.

     “There were advantages and disadvantages I would do my work and have the day free but I wouldn’t see my friends,” said Wells.

     River City wouldn’t exactly be new for Wells, but like anyone coming back to something from something after being gone for so long she would feel as though it was new or it would have a bit of a learning curve. She was asked how she felt coming back to River City as an Independent Study student.

     Wells replied, “I don’t really like it because I’m not used to waking up as early anymore.” Everything has a learning curve to it and best of wishes to Wells to coming back.

     Susana Tapia is one of the many Independent Study teachers at River City. Tapia has been working in this program for a long time and has helped many people in this program and in others.

     ”I worked in the Alternative Ed environment.  I worked at Yolo–it’s called the opportunity program–for almost a 3 years,  and I transferred here to River City worked there for the past 10 years in a classroom, my experiences with students are working with students with definite needs and skill students,” explained Tapia.

     She explained many things about the program, like how to get in the program and what it’s like for the students at work. She quoted, “They came  to us for different reasons some of it, health problems, medical reasons, some have family that need them to be home, take care of younger siblings or older parents or whatever they need to be home, some of it they have to work, they have to work full time or whatever.”

     The students situations dictate if they are in Independent Study. It is really first come first serve because according to Tapia the Independent Study program “pretty full”. Even though they are in this program they are still a River City Student.

     “This program can go back and forth they are part from River City high school we have students that will be their for a year and come back to take elective classes,” said Tapia.

     To get into this program you, of course, would have to run it through your counselor to make sure that the program would be an adequate fit for the program. Catherine Cramer, one of the counselors at River City, has helped people get into the program for whatever reason that was needed.

     Cramer said, “Not everyone gets to go there. It’s a case by case, but they talk to their counselor. They discuss to see if it’s a good fit for them. They have to take a test. They have to past the test.[…]That’s a lot of work so the students in Independent Study, they come back and they talk to me and they say “Wow, it’s a lot of work being in Independent Study. It’s very different than the River City High School Campus.” So you have to be willing to put in a lot of time.”

     She then went on to explain what it would take to come back to River City from the program.

     “Independent Study, they have different process, if you are not working to your full potential like because you’re only here on campus once a week for Independent Study. You have all this homework and there’s a process if you miss your scheduled appointment, and if you don’t show up, don’t turn in work, after so many weeks you have to come back on campus and their is no choice, sometimes students are like, “No I don’t want to. I wanna stay in Independent Studies” but it’s a contract that they have with a student, so they have to come back.”

     Obviously students work really hard to stay in this program for whatever reason that they need or want to be in this program. Independent Study is an amazing program that is completely beneficial to the right people. We welcome back the students coming from the new semester and we wish the best of luck to the people in Independent Studies.