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Will he get the guy or keep quiet?


I have a crush on this boy. I know he’s bisexual and leans towards boys. I’m a boy but i’m scared that he won’t like me back and he’ll reject me in front of everyone. How can I ask him without my fears? Should I just ask him or should I just keep it to myself?



Fearful Turtle


Dear Fearful Turtle,

You should ask him in a secluded place with only a few people. If you do that then you won’t be embarrassed in front of so many people. You can ask him out and it’s a win win. If he says no then, whatever, There are plenty of fish in the sea and he’s merely a clownish in a sea of sharks. You’ll find someone even better and if he doesn’t reject you then congratulations.



Carter Hernandez


Dear Fearful Turtle,

I know your situation. I’ve honestly been in the same problem and it will be okay. If he rejects you, then chances are no one will care. Its okay to be attracted to boys and girls. Its okay to like just boys or just girls. You don’t have to be scared if he doesn’t like you then fine he’s a loser who doesn’t deserve you. I know it doesn’t feel like it now but if he rejects you you’ll soon realize that you lived 17 long years without him and you can live the rest of your life that way. If you need anything anytime you know where I am. 



Camora Black


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