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Carter Hernandez and Camora Black

Will she ever be able to tell the big secret to her loved ones


Hello you can call me Bi. My issue is i;m bisexual and I can’t tell anyone. I’d like to tell my mom that I’m bisexual or pan sexual, I can’t really tell yet. My family isn’t really keen on the whole idea of same gender love at all. Therefore I don’t feel safe telling anyone. I hate feeling this way in my own house. How should I tell them? Should I even tell them? I want to be open but I can’t if my family won’t accept me for me





Dear Bi,

First of all I want to say that I’m sorry that you feel that you can’t talk to them.

I feel that you should tell them and get it over with so you can be who you want to be instead of hiding and when it comes down to it if they accept you for who you really are then there not worth your time. Yes, they your family but as your family they shouldn’t judge you based on what gender you like. As for not feeling safe to tell anyone, I feel that if you do not feel like it’s safe, maybe you should keep it to yourself. Once you feel safe to come out, you should. I wish you good luck and hope you find a way to tell them.



Carter Hernandez


Dear Bi,

Hello, I know it can be hard to live in a family who doesn’t accept the LGBT community but it’s okay. If they don’t love you for who you are then there not worth the effort. You were born this way and no one has the right to change you.You may be just a little different than some kinds, but guess what? Being different is much better than being normal. No one can change that. Don’t let anyone change it. Be who you are; there’s no reason not to be. I think you should just tell your family. If they don’t except you, then they’ll have to get over it.



Camora Black

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