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Zoey Smith and LaRae Washington

What to do when you need money and aren’t old enough for a job


I need money but I have no clue how I should go about getting it. Can you give me advice on how to make money and keep it coming in on a regular basis? Also could you give me some ideas on where if there possibly a place that accepts 14 year old?



Young And Broke


Dear Young And Broke,

For your situation I would suggest going to the career center to see if they have job suggestions. If they don’t, maybe you can talk to your parents about making money for doing things around the house or an allowance. Or you can maybe talk to a relative or a friends parent about doing some activities for them every time you need some money.



Carter Hernandez


Dear Young And Broke ,

I understand your problem. I would suggest going to the career center and see if they have anything. If the first option they have doesn’t work out for you, then i’m sure they have lots of jobs. For ways to make money at home you could always sell old things and/or make things. If you can’t do that then go online.People tend to buy things from Amazon or Craigslist and make them look prettier and then sale them for more.

Good luck on your hunt for a job.



Camora Black