The Excitement of Prom This Year

River City students share their promposal experiences of 2019

Sofia Wells, Reporter

     Even if you’re in middle school, a freshman, a sophomore and even a junior, you get excited. You get butterflies in your stomach the more you think about it because you have all these questions like, “What am I going to wear?”, “What color should I wear?” or “I wonder if someone is going to ask me.”

     Every student is sure to be excited for prom as it approaches. Prom is a formal dance held by a high school at the end of the academic year, typically for students in their junior and/or senior year. Students get excited for this event and spend lots of time preparing for this special day.

     For student Holly Benigno,11, she was asked to prom by Cornell Smith,11. She was asked during a basketball game. Benigno is a Raiderette so she dances with the school band.

     Smith then took advantage of that to plan out a big promposal for her. After the game was over, Benigno and the rest of the team were still all sitting together, she then sees gold balloons that say “Prom”,

     She says that she thought to herself, “Aw someone is getting asked to prom.”

     Then all of a sudden everyone starts clapping and cheering and she looks and it’s Smith. So she then knew it was for her. She ran over to him, and was greeted with flowers, a big poster, and the balloons.

     When interviewed Smith said, “I had a lot of fun planning out the surprise, but I was really nervous. I just wanted to make Holly happy and make her surprised, so my sister had a big help with making that happen.”

     Another student that had gotten asked to prom was, Rebecca Wells,10. She was asked to prom by Antonio Avilla,11, but he is not a student at River City.

     She was asked after school. Avilla said,“I had planned the promposal for a while. With the help of people from Rebecca’s friends, teacher, and sister I got it accomplished.”

     Avilla had been in communication with me (Wells’ sister), and Wells’ friend, to make a big plan for after school. Avilla sings, and plays the guitar, and also has friends that do as well. Wells’ loves when he does both those things so why not incorporate it into the promposal?

     He made a super big poster, brought 2 of his friends with their guitars to play, and he sang both of their favorite song to her.

     The big plan was that Rebecca needed to stay after school to “take a test”, and once she was finished, she was going to be greeted with all that, and the plan worked out.

     Wells says, “I was really surprised, I didn’t suspect nothing at all, he did a good job of planning everything and I really appreciate everything he has done to do this.”

     Avilla shared, “I love Becca a lot and I love to see her happy so I wanted to go big and beyond for her to show my appreciation for everything she does for me.”

     Junior Annyus Chandler asked Ariana Garcia-Ochoa,12, to prom.Chandler asked Ochoa after 2nd period with a poster and a customized basketball. The poster was basketball-related because Ochoa plays basketball, and Chandler  said that she got the poster from an idea off instagram.

     Chandler said, “I felt nervous, I was shaking, I was just thinking that I hope she loves it.” Chandler then greeted Ochoa with the surprise.

     Ochoa said, “I felt happy when I seen her, but a little confused because I didn’t think anything was going to happen.”

     Chandler says that if she could, she would make it a little bigger gesture, “I would make it a bigger gesture and go all out, it was really simple.” Ochoa says that she was happy with everything that Chandler has done for her and she can’t wait till they go to prom.

     All the couples were very excited to get asked to prom, now they are more excited to go to prom and get all dressed up. Throughout students’ high school experience, this event is one of the most memorable to look back on.