The Experience of Being in Leadership

Walking into the Leadership classroom, you can only hear students talking in groups about future projects. In groups ranging from 5-25 students, they discuss the ideas they have for dances, assemblies, and other events involving students going to River City.


Leadership is a student body government where students get the school involved culturally and spirit wise including events on and off campus. Their main job is to create memories for high schoolers.


River City High School Leadership works hard on school events and gives the school some school spirit while making it a better environment for people.


Lema Ahmad is a freshman at River City that’s in Leadership. She explained, “…We work together to make the school a better place and we mostly plan rallies, games, dances and other school activities. Leadership is a place where students can voice their opinions and concerns about the school in a safe and respected environment.”


So they take feedback from other people to improve their school.


In class students are able to work together and plan things out then go out and do them. As for rallies, dances and sometimes just activities during lunch, they are able to plan for it, get what they need and make it happen.


The point of being in the class is to share and tell their opinions on improving their school without the feeling they are too nervous or too scared to express their thoughts.


Ahmad shares, “Some things that I like about Leadership is that you meet new people, you work together like a family, and I get to experience many things that I haven’t ever thought I was going to experience, and I got really comfortable talking in front of many people.”


Leadership is a class where everyone makes each other feel comfortable and they become so close because they all have to be able to work together.


Students may struggle from the amount of work and effort needed to put in the class. They may find it frustrating when something doesn’t turn out the way they wanted it to and their ideas don’t satisfy all students.


Getting ideas approved, new spirit days, a lot of backlash they have to abide by, having meetings, risk factors occur in the process of getting their plan across.


Ahmad gave an example. “A challenge is that when it comes to rallies, we try to keep the music clean but some students say that they don’t like it clean and if we do something that the students want then we’ll probably get in trouble by the principal because students want something that isn’t appropriate.”


People have been inspired to join Leadership because they want to make the school a better environment for people and just be helpful in taking part in activities hosted in our environment.


Serena Anderson,  a freshman at River City in Leadership explains, “If we continue to be a role model, we can create other leaders throughout our school and community, and to make the vision come to fruition.”


So it was more then changing the school but more focusing on the students. Having them be more open and willing to do better for school or around the environment generally.


Being in Leadership can help you become an active role model, students are able to speak out and share their thoughts and concerns about anything. If you would be willing to put in the hard work of being a leader and you have creative ideas, Leadership is a good class for you.