The Quality of River City High School’s Cafeteria Food And Working in The Cafeteria

Food. A necessity we need in life. An everyday thing we need and crave, especially at school. They provide us with two important meals of the day, breakfast and lunch. The staff say that they provide us with enough nutrients and protein but have you ever thought differently?


River City High School’s cafeteria is more complex than just severing food to the students; there is requirements the food and cafeteria must pass in order to serve the food. In addition, students are given the opportunities to earn money and learn life long work skills.


The principal of River City High school, Mr. Mojsich shares his thoughts on the school food and how he eats it everyday.


“I actually eat it almost every day. I’ve eaten everything. My favorite is lasagna. I also like tuna fish sandwiches and occasionally I’ll go for a cheeseburger or a chicken sandwich.”


Mojsich said school food must pass cleanliness, neatness, and health regulations in order to be served.


“Regulations have to be passed for our food and I know that our food services they get inspections all the time and they always pass inspections really with high marks… They make sure the school food is healthy also things like it’s usually cleanliness and  freshness. Things like that they they kind of look at the whole cafeteria they want to make sure everything is clean inside and everything is,¨ Mr. Mojsich shared


We also got some insight from inside of the cafeteria from students who work there.


”Serving food to people in the pasta station… Yes, I enjoy working there because of the environment,¨  Inessa Karvan, freshman, talks about her role in the cafeteria and how much she enjoys being there.


The principal of River City High School agreed that students working in the cafeteria is good because it helps them develop leadership skills and responsibility.


“I do I think any job you learn a lot about customer service and how to treat people and so we hope that the kids will get benefit from not just getting money from the job but also having experience.”


Mr. Mojsich also shared his experience working in a cafeteria when he was younger.


“Yes, I have worked for the cafeteria. Not this cafeteria but I have worked in the cafeteria as a young student. When I was younger we actually had to take turns like in elementary school so like everybody had cafeteria Duty like once a week or you have a class whatever it was certain grade levels would have cafeteria Duty and then we have to go help serve.”  


Overall, the cafeteria gives opportunities to the many students while serving good food. The school is very proud of their staff and students for putting in the effort to make the school food nutritious and healthy.