The Support Students Need to Succeed

Mini-An Nguyen, Reporter

     Although parents make their children’s decisions the first 10 years of our lives, what happens when their kids start to have a say in what they want? When is too much, too much?


     As kids get older, they start to change and make their own decisions, but what comes with that is also stricter parents who get more controlling over what you do. Sometimes social media, video games, even the device usage becomes monitored, knowing from experience.

     A very important time in life when kids need the support from their parents most, is high school. High school is when many decisions are made, such as what classes you’re going to take, how well you are doing in school, and what you want to be when you’re older.

     According to, 20-50 percent of students go into college undecided. However, at least 75% of students change their major at least once before graduation. If students were to get their parents more involved in what they want to do in our future, that percentages will go down and our future can be set.

     Sofia Corrall, a fourteen year old freshman at River City who played on the JV girls basketball team shares, “Neither one of my parents went to college. I know that they want me to go further in life and experience more than they did. They want me to do something I love, not settle for something I don’t want to do.”

     The more guidance students can get from their parents, the more successful and happy they can be.

     A lot of the time, students don’t believe that the things our parents do for their kids is for their benefit. Our parents are only trying to do their part reasonably. However, when is being strict too much?

     “My parents are controlling and overprotective but I know it’s for the best. They limit the time I go out, like if I have been out since Friday they make me stay home on Sunday. Also they take my phone at night so I get better sleep, but that is a mutual decision,” Corrall tells, “I do think that they have a lot of control over my future, but not enough to make me change my focus in life.”

     One very important trait to have from parent to child is the ability to trust each other and support each other at the important times. The more strict parents are to their children, the more their children will want to do more scandalous, “bad” things behind their parents back.

     It’s becoming more common for the parents to start allowing their kids to make their own decisions, choosing classes for high school is definitely a start. Of course there are always jobs that parents want their kid to study and become, but it’s not as likely for them to actually follow through with it.

     Social media brings more attention, and is also the reason why high school students are changing and maturing faster nowadays.

     Julie Chand, a fourteen year old freshman who is playing on the girls JV softball team, elaborates, “I have most social media. My parents trust me to be positive and post appropriate things. They follow me but do not stalk.” which explains that the trust towards children for parents all depend on the family. The stricter the parents, the more their children decide to do more rebellious things.

     Freshman Lilu Montoya, 14, is a JV cheerleader and is also apart of River City’s band, explains “My parents always tried to raise me to believe I can do anything I desire or am passionate about. They have supported me since I was a little girl and for that I am very grateful. They give me a lot of freedom from a platform based on trust.” she continues, “My parents help me and support my decisions to pick my own classes but also guide me in a way to make sure I am on the path taking all college required classes in case it’s something I want to do.”

     Having a social life is also important, which Chand’s parents are not strict on that. They give her the freedom to socialize in whatever way she would like, but the approach of being understanding versus controlling is for sure different from each other, but it is something that parents still try to do. In the end, their children will do whatever they want and aspire to be whatever they want, and they don’t let their parents opinions get in their way.

     Like Sebastian Vang, a fourteen year old freshman who played on the freshman football team, couldn’t have said any better.

     “They just want me to succeed in life no matter what I do.”