Talents Unleashed: Irma Valdez- Piano as a Passion

Irma Valdez- Piano as a Passion

Jonathan Hernandez, Reporter

     Almost everyone has a some sort of talent, some are very strange while some are really fascinating to watch or listen to. Students at River City High School are very open and proud of their talents


     Irma Valdez, senior at River City has been around music her entire life. Her grandpa was very into piano and when Valdez was younger she used to love playing on his grand piano he had in his garage.


     Her passion for music really peaked when she was in second grade. Valdez says “I started playing when i was in second grade so I don’t know if you consider that as always having it.” Showing how much time and effort she has put into this talent over the years.


     Most people start out with teachers for this kind of talent, not Valdez.


     “Well i taught myself to play so i guess it came naturally? Years on later i got a teacher to show me how to play some more so i could improve on it.” Due to her persistence she has always kept on practicing piano whenever she can.


     Valdez has the does her best to learn the most about everything she comes across in life. Showing that kind of drive is very evident to assume she has had this mindset for quite some time.


     Valdez says, “I’m not really sure what made me want to take on this talent it sort of just came to me when my grandpa left his piano unattended i always went to go mess with it.” Her curiosity sparked a fire in her it seems.


     Her sense of music seems to be self made because she says “I would love to hear the sounds of the keys, it was so calming to me growing up. Therapeutic to an extent.” Anytime Valdez was stressed growing up she would just play her piano and feel her stress leave her body.

     Having a drive for something is what causes many people to discover their true passions in life. When Valdez found her passion in life she ran with it, she has come so far in this talent since that day she started to mess around with her grandpas old piano.


     She is not the only one who is a perfect example of this mindset though. There are so many more talented individuals who just haven’t found their passion yet, all they need is the drive.