Talents Unleashed

Justin Packham- Talking About Ventriloquism

Breana Booher, Editor

     Almost everyone has a some sort of talent, some are very strange while some are really fascinating to watch or listen to. Students at River City High School are very open and proud of their talents


     “I am a man of many talents but one of my personal favorites is ventriloquism” said River City High School senior, Justin Packham.


     For those who don’t know what ventriloquism is, it is a person who can speak and make it seem like their voice is coming from somewhere else, typically a dummy or doll.


     He started practicing the act of ventriloquism for a fun hobby. “…I picked it up a couple months ago, I don’t practice a lot but it’s fun to do every now and then” Packham explained.


     Usually when people think about hobbies, things like knitting, drawing, or painting come to mind, Packham wanted to take up something that was a little bit out of the ordinary.  


     “I saw the puppet, I said that looks cool and then I got it and then I practiced in front of the mirror” commented Packham when asked why he decided to practice ventriloquism.


     The reason he decided to learn this talent is because he likes making people laugh. “Well, it’s like a form of comedy and I like making people laugh and its very unique and not alot of people do it” stated Packham.


     Since ventriloquism is a very unique talent, Packham is the only one in his family and friends with this talent. Packham says that he tries to practices for thirty minutes a day or when he ever has the time to.


     “They think I’m weird but they are probably right,” said Packham about how his friends like his talent.

     Although Packham’s friends make jokes about his eccentric gift, he doesnt let the comments hold him back from pursuing what he loves to do.