What Will the Seniors Do After College?

Seniors, Mimi Nguyen and Angelica Blackmer already have a plan of what career they would like to be going into and this is about how they will do that.

Amaiya Cantu and Divyani Narayan

     Soon the class of 2019 will be graduating. Some students have a clear idea of what they would like to do. Whether it be going straight into their career or going to college. The first step for the students that are going to college would be decide the classes they will take in college to be whatever they would like.

     The first step to the process is considering their interests–they like doing and how they will be able to find a career out of doing it. Planning ahead gives the opportunity for a search of something you truly want to do.


     Most students might get right into their career after high school but some may have to consider college.


     For example Angelica Blackmer, a soon to be graduate at River City shares, “After high school I plan on going to college and getting my bachelors degree in mathematics so I can become a math teacher. I’ve already been accepted into SF state so I will be going there in the fall.”


     It takes hard work in order to get into a position where you already know your next steps and how your future may turn out considering the preparation and action of the process.


     Over time your dream career may become known to you, as you want to do something and with a passion you know it could be accomplished with the amount of effort and work put in. Blackmer was able to notice her passion when she says,


     “Math has always been something I have excelled in and once I started truly helping fellow students with their math and helped them understand them more it just made me feel good and that’s a feeling I wanna have the rest of my life. A lot of people struggle in math and I want to change that and actually make it fun and understandable.”


     Mimi Nguyen is a senior at River City she shares, “After high school, I plan to go to Sacramento State in the fall semester of 2019. Around that time or during summer I also want to start looking for a job to save up.”


     It’s important considering steps as far as your career, they don’t all have the same steps as far as to doing it.


     Not all job choices need a college education, some students might just get right into their career choice depending on what it is.

     All plans and where they lead them are different but planning for it is always the smarter choice.