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West Sac’s Hero

School officer watches over school to keep it safe.

Reyna Cota and Nick Swearengin

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Officer Tim Twardosz is River City High Schools police officer. He makes an impact on our school and community by watching over during school hours.

He has always wanted to be a police officer since he was five years old. His dad was a police officer back in Chicago. They lived in Chicago until Tim was six.

After his family settled in Sacramento he attended Bella Vista High School. He went on to graduate from Chico State. Officer Twardosz worked for Elk Grove Police Department, the Sacramento Police Department, and later settled for the West Sacramento’s Police Department. He has worked in the streets of West Sacramento for 16 years and doesn’t plan on quitting anytime soon.

Eventually a job opened up at the high school and he decided to take it. While River City students are on summer break, Twardosz is back on the streets protecting the West Sacramento community.

Twardosz wants to be more than just the cop on campus. He wants to help the kids and be a person that they can come too and open up too. When there are kids who act up he just sits down and talk to the kid and encourages them to make good choices in his life. He doesn’t want the kids at this school to live a life on the streets, and if they are already going down that path he wants to break them from it.

Twardosz’s other job that requires a lot of time is coaching the River City High School baseball team. He wanted to work more with kids so that is why he decided to coach the baseball team. He also played in his high school and college years.

As we interviewed Tim’s son, Cruz Charles, he stated,” He has always been there for me through thick and thin even though he is not my biological dad.”

Many people view police officers as violent, over privileged people, but in reality they give back to others more than most.

Officer Tim Twardosz protects not only River City High School, but he is a Hero in all of West Sacramento’s eyes.

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West Sac’s Hero