Freshmen Teachers Beginning

Ashlyn Breen and Amaiya Cantu

     As students start adjusting to the highschool life, teachers begin to as well. It’s a challenge for teachers to begin teaching for a different school, just like Mrs. Saad at River City High School now.  It’s especially hard for her because it’s her first year teaching and having high school students can be more of a challenge. This is because she’s now teaching older teenagers with little to no experience, but also being a substitute teacher part time. With no way of how to handle any situations, high school is much different than teaching elementary and middle school which can seem more difficult.


     “Mr. Mizner was my mentor into teaching. I really loved the environment.” Saad said.


     This year Saad is teaching Biology, Principles Of Biomedical Science and, next term,  The Human Body System.


     Her students seem to really enjoy her class and having her as a teacher. So far, they share that she  explains well and class can be really fun.

     One of her students in Principles Of Biomedical Science, Ashley Jensen,9, shared, “This class interests me because we do a lot of labs and hands on activities which is really fun.”


     “The fact that we learn something new every day really interests me, and the labs,” said Diana Tovmassian,9, who is also in the class . She explained how she loves the class and feels like it will really help her in her future of going into the nursing field.


     Mrs.Saad has also shared that she’s really enjoying being a teacher at River City. She enjoys the environment and administration. The reason why she wanted to start teaching in Sacramento was because she lived in the Bay Area for a while, then recently got married and decided to move to Sacramento.


     She attended the University of New Mexico for four years, before deciding to become a full time teacher. She  chose to be a teacher in 2015. In order to become a teacher, she had to begin as a student teacher,and she did that for Mr. Mizner, a biology teacher at River City. After really liking the school’s environment and the administration, she decided to become a substitute teacher  to give her some more teaching experience before becoming a full time teacher.


     Saad always knew she wanted to teach the high school level. River City was perfect for her since it was local and in the area. Every year, new teachers come to support students’ education to pursue what they are good at doing. Through more experience and over time, not only do teachers build bonds with their students, but also settle into the environment, adjusting to their comforts. She hopes to continue her career as a teacher and for many more years to come.