Her Love for Mathematics

Divyani Narayan and Luz Camacho

     For both students and teachers, moving to a new area may be difficult and take some time to get adjusted to. Moving from a different area of Sacramento to another, CarrieAnne Arreola is learning to get used to River City, the students, and the environment. Arreola is originally from South Sacramento.

     While on the search for a good school to finish her credential program, Arreola began to teach at River City High School as a math teacher. She preferred to teach high school students and here in West Sacramento was where she decided. “It was a good location and it was a high school, I really wanted to teach high school and that fit what I wanted,” Arreola said. Arreola had been wanting to become a teacher for a long time. While Arreola was working in the shipping industry she realized, “Business and shipping wasn’t where I wanted to be at and I wanted to have a job where I can put my heart into it and know that I was making a difference in helping people. Since then I’ve been very curious in wanting to be a teacher.”

     Arreola teaches math here at River City. Math, being one of the core subjects and courses needed to graduate, it is important for both students and teachers to understand.

     “I wanted to help students and support them in reaching their goals, and math is one of those cornerstones to a better future.”

     As a teacher, Arreola has some goals for herself that she believes she can fulfill here at River City.

     “I want to make a difference, help students get to college, teach math in a way that made it easier for them to understand so that way they can pass the class and get to reach their goals,” said Arreola in a confident tone.

     This will be Arreola’s first year teaching, so pressure is on her to do her best. During the first year for all teachers, mistakes may be made. But with experience teaching, it will become part of the daily routine. Some challenges include working with the curriculum, and finding good ways to teach well.

     “I think the curriculum and having enough time to find good ways to teach it,” said Arreola, referring to what may be obstacles while teaching.

     This year is a very welcoming year for her as she gets used to her environment. During this process she will have to go through struggles with students, while learning her way throughout the years. Since students have a larger age-gap, the levels of thinking and comprehending with teachers, could be difficult. When asked if any students are giving her a hard time she responded with, “some of them but it’s not their fault, I’m learning to be a teacher so it’s part of the process.”

     Arreola enjoys being a teacher here at River City, and believes it’s a fun school with many helpful teachers. Even with the ups and very few downs of being a teacher, she would be very glad to continue teaching here at River City High School.

     “I think it’s a fun school. I think there’s a great culture of sports and activities for students, it’s a wonderful school” said Arreola.