The New Old English Teacher

Zoey Smith, Reporter

The start of the school year brings a lot of things but one in particular is a new teacher named Melissa Baldwin, among students she is known as Ms. Baldwin.

For some she is not new because she has  taught here at River City, before as a matter fact she only left for the 2017-2018 school year and is back, excited for what this school year will bring. She has been here at River City since 2010 but was a student teacher in all of 2009. She teaches English 9, 11, and 12.

Ms. Baldwin left for a job in the district to see if there was anything else would fit her liking besides direct interaction with the students.  “So I needed to take a break,” said Baldwin. “I needed a break to see if teaching is what I wanted to do. Plus there were a lot of things happening inside and outside of school.”

Baldwin’s new job gave her a new perspective on things, but her love for children is what probably brought her back. “I loved the job I was at, I liked the opportunity of the job, but I missed the interaction with the students.

When asked what she missed about River City Baldwin said, “I missed that kids and my associates, and the creativity in teaching and there was a lot of it and it was amazing creativity.”

Baldwin is an inspiring teacher to, but many other thinks that she is an amazing teacher, Vincent Gonzales, a ninth grader from River City said, “Ms. Baldwin is very chill and cool teacher.”

Kadence Ohi, who is also a ninth grader described her as a caring and loving teacher. “Ms. Baldwin can be very caring need her to be plus she can be very loving.”

Although Baldwin is a English teacher, she also has a good way of teaching it. “I use technology and visuals and I try to work one on one with the students. Plus I try to get to know my students for who they are.”

Baldwin was not always a teacher. “I actually had my own business in New Mexico. I was studying for my PHD. Then I moved back to California and then I decided to become a teacher.”

She has had a great time ever since. “I was placed here and ever since then I loved it here.’’

Some people may wonder why would you leave all of that behind, owning your own business, getting a PHD but then some realized that this was her choice and either way she is an successful person. “I love the people I work with. There is a lot of opportunity here for us teachers. There’s room for teachers to grow. It’s home.”