Appreciation for One of River City’s Super Teachers’

It’s common for a teachers to have kids, but did you know there are teachers that not only have the responsibility of their own kids, but also student athletes?

Mini-An Nguyen, Reporter

     Teachers have a lot of responsibility on their hands. Not only teaching their students for seven hours a day, but also many of them have their students, kids, and student athletes to look after.

     Being a teacher requires a lot of dedication and patience. It requires a lot of dedication because once you commit, you can’t really go back. Once you start teaching, you won’t be able to just pick up your stuff and leave when times get rough, which leads to why being a teacher also requires a lot for patience. Not everyone works and learns at the same pace, so teachers have to adjust to numerous speeds for their students.

     Teachers have a lot to worry about, but so do teachers that play other roles such as the role of a mother, and also a coach have different schedules.

     Mrs. Forman, the mom of two teenage girls, and also the coach for rugby, vows to not take any of her problems at work home with her. She makes sure her time at home is strictly for her family, as well as herself, and doesn’t allow work to get in the way of that.

     “I leave work and don’t take it home with me, I don’t grade anything at home and I don’t plan lessons at work so in that regard I have a lot of time. However, when I get home there is a lot to do….I drive my kids to and from practice, we make dinner, clean up and have the house to take care of.”

     Forman is one of the many teachers who put family and students, or basically everyone else before herself. She also is very true to coaching. Depending on the time of the year, she spends an average 15 hours a weeks doing so.

     “As for time for myself alone, I have none. I cannot tell you the last time I was alone or had time by myself.” Forman informs.

     Forman has also been teaching at River City for ten years, teaching the subjects Building Foundations, and English. Building Foundations is a class that is required for freshmens to take, teaching them things you would normally be responsible for as an adult. This class teaches us the foundations of life, whether it be future jobs, money management, or just future actions.

     Being a teacher is a big decision, with much more control and responsibility than you think. Teachers dedicate themselves to basically be the figure in their students’ live that determine how far they may go in the near future. If they let their student fail or make bad decisions, then it will change their future academically or socially. So it is important for teachers to lead their students on a good path.

     “I just enjoy trying to make a difference. I like helping kids be informed and make choices that matter. I know school isn’t awesome and I know it’s not easy, and I think for me I just want to make it a little less painful and a little more purposeful.” Forman exclaims. She wants her students to start and finish school with purpose.


     Even though being a teacher may seem easy, despite how much grading and lecturing they may have to do, the job also comes with a lot of difficult times and hardships. A con that comes along with being a teacher is the constant pressure that you are in charge of so many students, every day. Teachers don’t get enough appreciation for the work that they do, and are very underrated.

     “My job is very misunderstood and people really don’t know what I actually do, so it can be frustrating.” Forman begins, “Some parents are unpleasant and don’t always like the decisions that others make that affect my work.”

     The only way to show that the work teachers do are impacting others lives, is in the grades and behavior of their students. When students get good grades on their tests and assignments, that means their hard work is paying off, and that their teacher is doing their job right.

     There is only so much teachers can do. They are constantly busy and always find more things to do. But even though teaching can get stressful and hard at times, all of the work pays off in the end.

     “I love it all. I love the craziness of kids and family; I love my job and to be honest, if I didn’t I would quit. I don’t do things that I don’t like to do. I’m incredibly busy and I wouldn’t have it any other way (unless I win the lottery and then I’m going to quit and travel around the world).” Forman reveals, full of love and thankfulness for where she is today.

     When you find something you love to do, and make your lifelong dream happen, you would not change it for the world, just like Forman, a proud teacher, mom, and coach.

     “I don’t believe in ‘making it.’ I can tell you that I have achieved specific goals that serve specific purposes. I wanted to be able to provide my kids with a stable upbringing and I’ve been able to do that. I have a solid career and a really good marriage, but there are so many things left to do.

     “I don’t think making it is a real thing. I truly believe that people change and evolve so the best I can tell you is that I haven’t totally failed and feel pretty good about where I’m at but I also look forward to what is ahead.”