Advancement of Dance

Ever wondered how Ms. Adams, our only dance teacher here at River City managed four dance classes throughout the past 10 years? Here’s exactly how.

Divyani Narayan, Reporter

     Constantina Adams has been administering the dance class since 2009, and has also provided students with the privilege of seeing the dances that are taught since 2011.

     She has progressed so much through the years, from the idea of having a dance class to having a dance show on top of that. It is quite a lot to handle.

     Jessica Gill, one of her former dance students that graduated in 2018, says, “She’s come such a long way.. She’s grown with all the supplies she has now, I mean she has costumes for everything. Also with time she learns too. She figures out what works with students, what they like, and how to make the dance show something others can be proud of and make it comfortable for them.”

     Ms. Adams, herself thinks she has grown with the costumes and the amount of money that they have earned throughout the years.

    “Costumes, when we first started we had barely any money, students had to provide their own costumes and I had to go to the fabric store and use my own money to buy the costumes, she states when asked what major improvement she has made.

     “I think she has progressed a lot,” Simmiran Charan, class of 2018 continues. “There are many things she does in order to make each dance better than the last one.”

     When Ms. Adams first started in 2009, she clearly had trouble starting the program. For example, knowing what students like and what they would be interested in. She probably had to experiment with different dances to figure that part out about students.

     “I saw how with each day she got a better grasp of her students personalities. It wasn’t until I was teaching a whole class that I seen that she puts EVERYTHING into consideration. She is so detail oriented it kind of inspires me to be better too. And with each year even if the class is different she’ll find a way to adjust to everyone,” Gill states.

     This shows that students can be hard to understand. The fact that Ms. Adams has put in so much work to figure that out is absolutely incredible.

     Also considering how long she has been providing the dance class and dance show for students, she has perfected the routine of planning the dances, the dance show itself, the guest teachers and much more.

     Two people have had different experiences in the beginning with the dance program and dance production, but in the end they both had amazing experiences.

     Charan says, “For the first dance show, I was very confused in the beginning. Ms. Adams has her way of setting up the dance show. For this one I was very excited but confused on the process of how the dance show works. The dress rehearsal was a little stressful because we had to change into our dance costumes quickly. And then the dance show day, that day was just full of excitement and I was ready to perform.”

     “Well I had performed before in the past so I wasn’t nervous about people watching me. I was more nervous about my family,” Gill on the other hand, who’s more experienced with dancing says. “Well I remember feeling excited. I remember telling everyone to go. I knew my family was going to be there on the first day because that’s when I asked them to come. I remember the first dance we did was African and I was in the front. I was dancing better than ever thought I could and I was just so happy.”

     People would also say that her dance program has helped them in many positive ways.

     Simmiran Charan explains that, “I loved it so much, it was a peaceful environment and it was like a stress free class for me.”

     If Charan, a more introverted person is becoming stress free because of a class, then Ms. Adams is for sure doing something right.

     Ms. Adams has also helped multiple people into becoming more confident in their dancing, we have Jessica to back that up.

     “I honestly loved it and had so much fun growing and evolving as a dancer and testing my abilities as a dancer… I remember while I was dancing is that I just kept scanning the crowd for my family and as soon as I found them a feeling of pride washed over me. I was dancing better than ever thought I could and I was just so happy,” explained Gill.

    Jessica Gill’s confidence grew, Simmiran Charan was able to be stress free, and Ms. Adams fulfilled her wish of showcasing all of the dances they had performed in class. This  concludes a very happy ending, or should I say continuation of the dance program.