Prince and Princess


Manreet Virk, Editor

Nominees for homecoming prince were Keith Cole, Vikram Kelkar, and Nate Vazquez. Nominees for homecoming princess were Nikki Dinglasa, Prava Narayan, and Leticia Diaz. Winners were announced at the Basketball game on Friday, January 29.

Vikram Kelkar and Prava Narayan were honored as River City’s Prince and Princess. They both felt pretty confident that they were going to win and if it weren’t for their friends, they wouldn’t have decided to participate.

Vikram’s friends Itzel Geronimo, Andre Salazar, and Raquel Lozano advertised for him. Becoming prince will be a memory Vikram will always cherish.

Vikram stated, “I thought I wasn’t going to win when I saw the other nominees. There was a lot of competition because Nate and Keith are great guys.”

Prava decided to run for princess because her friend, Andre Salazar, suggested her to take the opportunity. Her friends advertised for her and made it possible for her to win.

Prava said, “I kind of knew I was going to win, but I wasn’t sure. There was competition because the other girls were amazing.”

Being announced prince and princess has become a memory that Prava and Vikram will always cherish and they’ll be glad they decided to run.